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Early Morning Habits of Pregnant Woman to Help Your Day Go Smoother

Pregnancy can be quite a daunting experience. You are growing another human being inside you, and that is a very complicated process. Your body goes through a lot of physical and hormonal changes that affect your physical as well and mental health. It is quite normal to make mistakes here and there, especially if it’s your first pregnancy. But it is also very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and not give up on good habits during pregnancy. Taking care of yourself comes first. This is the advice from the best gynecologist doctor in India. Complications with pregnancy Pregnancy is a very intricate process and it puts a huge strain on the human body. The human body goes through a lot of changes that might be pleasant. Some of these complications are:

  • Puking: It is very common for women to pike through their pregnancy. While this might not seem like a big deal, it can be quite embarrassing for some and annoying for everyone
  • Weight Gain: Gaining weight and a chance in the shape of your body is something most women loath.
  • Inflammation: There is inflammation in different parts of the body like feet, hands

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Pregnancy and Infant Loss Precautions – Best Infertility Treatment in Mumbai

Pregnancy and infant loss has a huge impact on families, their mental state, and well being. Even though many facilities offer to help, the loss is still irreparable. Organizations offer compassionate, skilled, and individualized support from professionals and it’s very important but it’s better to prevent the loss from happening in the first place. Pregnancy is a very crucial and tender stage of every woman’s life, as a study shows that almost 15% of women experience a miscarriage. This could be because of random chromosomal abnormalities or because of obesity, diabetes, advancing age, thyroid disorders, and hypertension, which also increase the chances of miscarriage. These are the issues that are not completely in your control but other ways can reduce the risk of miscarriage, infant loss, or stillbirth. Doing the best and taking great pregnancy and infant loss precautions is a necessity and must be kept in mind. Here is a list of certain precautions every woman must follow during pregnancy to decrease the risk of child loss.

  • Flu shots
  • Being careful in the kitchen
  • Being hygienic
  • Proper diet
  • Taking medications
  • Quitting bad habits

 Infertility Treatment in Mumbai Besides taking precautions,

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Role of Omega 3 Fatty Acids in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very sensitive and important part in the life of a woman. Not just physically but also emotionally. Carrying a life inside you is no small task and no one feels the gravity of this commitment more than the mother. A pregnant woman wants the best for her child but this is only possible when the premium care is taken of her during the entire process of pregnancy. Knowing about different things that can benefit the mother and child during pregnancy is an essential aspect that must be acknowledged to ensure the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. One such thing that can help improve the health concerns of a pregnant woman is the consumption of omega3 fatty acids. In this article, we will know the importance of omega 3 fatty acids in pregnancy. But first, let’s see what these acids are! What are omega 3 fatty acids? Omega 3 fatty acids also called omega-3 oils are characterized by a double bond which is three atoms away from the terminal methyl group. These acids are present in abundance in natural food sources. It is an important component of the animal lipid metabolism. It also plays an important role in the human diet and human physiology. There are types of omega-3 fatty acids

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Treatment Procedures for Uterine Prolapse – Symptoms and Causes

Uterine prolapse as the name suggests is the prolapse i.e. drop of the uterus from its initial position. With 15 to 40% chance of prolapse of some degree, Uterine Prolapse is a relatively common gynaecological condition suffered by ageing women. And since it has become a common condition, there is a wide variety of treatment for Uterine Prolapse available today. At our premier gynaecology clinic in Mumbai, Dr Neelima Mantri has solved hundreds of cases of Uterine Prolapse with ease. Having helped a large number of Uterine Prolapse cases it was evident to us that majority of women are not exactly ware about the condition and this blog here we aim to solve this awareness problem. Here we give you a simple idea about the symptoms, causes and treatment of Uterine Prolapse to improve your awareness, so read on:  Uterine Prolapse – Causes & Symptoms: The uterus or the womb as it is generally called is the baby house that is responsible to bear and nourish the child. It is held in its place by a group of pelvic floor muscles, ligaments, and other tissues in the body. Imagine a sling ling bag in your lower tummy t

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Laparoscopic Hysterectomy Surgery Doctors in Mumbai | Dr Neelima Mantri

Uterus also refereed as the womb is a muscular reproductive organ that houses and nourishes the fertilized egg until the off-spring is ready to be delivered by the mother. It plays a central role in the female reproductive system and is aptly called the baby house since it is the home for the pre-delivered baby. However, it is also affected by the variety of gynaecological conditions that impact uterus where these conditions decrease the quality of life for women. Hysterectomy: Removal of Uterus In few cases getting the uterus removed could be the safest and most efficient way for a woman to reclaim the gynaecological health. Hysterectomy is the procedure that is performed by a gynaecologist to remove the uterus and improve the gynaecological health of women. Depending upon the medical condition suffered by a woman, there are many types of hysterectomy procedures are available based on the extent of uterus removal (Sometimes other reproductive parts are removed too) and also the type of surgical procedure adopted to remove the uterus. Abdominal hysterectomy is the most common and conservative form of hysterectomy surgery procedure available where an incision of about 7 to 10 inches is made near the abdominal area

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World Prematurity Day 2020 | Best Treatment for Premature Baby

An average healthy pregnancy can last for around 40 weeks and in few rare cases, babies arrive sooner. And when a baby arrives into his world earlier than 37th week, the baby is termed as a premature baby.  Premature babies run a higher risk of complications, sooner the delivery before 37th week, higher the risk of complications like intellectual disabilities, physical development problems, compromised immune system, respiratory and vison problems which can carry on through their life. It is estimated that around 15 million babies are born prematurely around the globe out of which 1 million babies die prematurely due to potential complications. Premature birth is one of the leading causes of infant death around and in an effort to raise awareness November 17 is observed as World Prematurity Day 2020. And on this occasion we help you get an idea of premature baby birth and guide you towards best premature baby treatment in Mumbai, Read on: Why are babies born prematurely? Premature birth can happen when the pregnant mother has an inherent health problem like diabetes or has a harmful lifestyle habit during pregnancy or even if she is under undue stress. Even healthy women with a shorter or weaker cervix have increased risk of going to early labour. And this premature delivery can be again div

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Best Gynaecologist in Mumbai for Pregnancy | Types of Delivery

Pregnancy is a significant and memorable journey for every woman and surely it is always a challenging one. Though there is a certain common timeline for the pregnancy, from early signs to symptoms in each stage to the delivery procedures, every journey can be different and unique in its own way. Especially during the delivery variety of procedures that come to rescue for safe and secure delivery. Being one of the best maternity doctors in Mumbai, Dr Neelima Mantri has helped hundreds of pregnant with a variety of delivery procedures based on their specific condition. If you are pregnant it is a good idea to get to know about the delivery procedures and in this blog, we are going to give help you with the same. Here is the list of different assisted delivery procedures that may take place during your labour:  Episiotomy: An episiotomy is an assisted delivery procedure where a surgical incision is made in the area between anus and vagina to enlarge the vaginal opening and make it the passage of the baby’s head easy. This procedure decreases the risk of tearing of mother’s skin. An episiotomy is a special procedure that is reserved for special situations, most women may not be needing one. Induced labour: In situation

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4 Things You Can Do to Reduce the Risk of Pregnancy Loss – Best Infertility Treatment in Mumbai

On average, around 15% of pregnant suffer miscarriage and pregnancy loss in India of which 75% of them end in first 12 weeks in pregnancy. “While obesity, diabetes and thyroidal disorders, immunologic and environmental factors, infections and other fertility problems are the common causes of pregnancy loss, 50% of them in first 3 months are caused by chromosomal abnormalities,” says Lady gynaecologist Dr Neelima Mantri who has been helped hundreds of women succeed in their pregnancy journey. As the number of these pregnancy loss cases are steeply rising in India due to a variety of issues, here are the 4 things you can do to reduce the risk of pregnancy loss:

  1. Maintain good hygiene: Starting the most basic thing you can do, maintain good hygiene during pregnancy. Viral and bacterial infections can increase the risk of miscarriage and stillbirth and the infections are the easiest to contract if you don’t practice good hand hygiene since you are in your most vulnerable state. So we advise you to wash your hand thoroughly for at least 20 seconds after you use the restroom, before and after eating and also when you are in contact with sick people.
  2. Healthy weight is the key: While being overweight and o

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PCOS Specialist in India | PCOS Symptoms & Treatments in Mumbai

PCOS one of the major and most common gynaecological problems faced by women in India. On an average one in every five Indian women suffer from this hormonal problem which manifests in the form of irregular periods, weight-gain infertility and even miscarriage in women of reproductive age. PCOS is also one of the most common gynaecological problems among the cases that we treat every month at our clinic by PCOS Specialist Dr. Neelima Mantri. Being a hormonal disorder which can easily be controlled by simple diet and lifestyle choices in mild cases, PCOS needs more awareness among women. To help identify the problem and seek PCOS treatment in Mumbai as soon as possible, we have decided to provide brief information about symptoms of PCOS and best PCOS treatment in Mumbai. Read on: PCOS – Poly Cystic Ovarian Disorder and its Symptoms: PCOS is a common gynaecological problem that is caused by hormonal imbalance and metabolic problems which impact overall health, appearance and especially fertility of women. As the name suggest this disorder can impact ovarian health with the development of small cysts near the reproductive organs negatively impacting reproduct

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World Mental Health Day 2020 – Raising Awareness on Depression & Women Mental Health Problems

Raising Awareness on Depression and Other Mental Health Problems in Women

Depression is the most common medical health condition among women and according to researchers, twice as many women suffer from depression at some point in their lifetime than men. While the incidence of mental health problems is the same for both genders, women are more prone to depression than men. But the buck doesn’t stop there, PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks women are more prone to these mental health disorders than men too. So why are women more prone to mental health concerns than men? And how can we improve the condition? On the account of World Mental Health Day 2020, we have delved into the topic to spread awareness and here we are. So read on:

Why women are more prone to mental health problems than men? Biological and social factors play a key role in shaping up the psyche of a human. Journal of Abnormal Psychology says that women are more tend to internalize their destructive emotions which results in loneliness withdrawal and ultimately depression. And men on the other side, when faced with similar conditions