Tubal Ligation, Sterilisation

Tubal Ligation, Sterilisation

What is Tubal Ligation and Sterilization?

Fallopian tubal ligation is an irreversible form of contraception available. Though it can be reversed with another surgery called tubal recanalization, tubal ligation procedure should be undergone only permanent form of contraception if desired.

The methods available are:

  • Laparoscopic
  • Mini incision

Both the methods are equally efficacious, thereby the choice depends on patient preference. Both the services are available at Dr. Neelima Mantri’s Clinic. She has years of experience in providing tubal ligation sterilisation treatment to patients and is well known as one of the Best Tubal Ligation Doctors in Mumbai.

Dr Neelima Mantri is available for consultation for laparoscopic tubal ligation at reputed hospitals in Mumbai, known as experts in tubal sterilization surgery in India.

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