Sex In Pregnancy, Post Delivery

Sex In Pregnancy, Post Delivery
This is a topic which the couple is not able to ask doctor to their complete satisfaction. Dr. Mantri shall like to answer the most commonly asked queries under this heading.

If there are no risk factors, in a normal pregnancy, it is safe to have sexual intercourse till the third trimester. Contraindications to have sexual intercourse are as follows:

  • Threatened abortion
  • Theartened preterm labor or established preterm labor
  • History of preterm labor
  • In cases of low lying placenta or placenta previa
  • Rupture of water bag of the fetus
  • Any kind of bleeding from the vagina

Assume a comfortable position to avoid direct pressure on the abdomen and uterus. Sometimes the sexual drive of the female partner may be reduced due to the pregnancy hormones or tiredness and backache of advancing pregnancy.

Post delivery body needs time to adapt to its previous shape and dimensions. Woman who undergoes vaginal delivery can have stitches in the vagina making intercourse very painful. Cesarean section wound can be painful. First 15 days following delivery, there can be bleeding or discharge from the vagina making it unsafe for intercourse due to increased chance of infection. Due to the hormone oxytocin vagina can be unduly dry and non receptive for sex. All these factors affect a woman’s desire to have sex. Talking to the partner and addressing the problem is the best solution. Resuming sexual activity after both the partners are receptive, emotionally as well as physically is the most pleasurable alternative.

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