Poly Cystic Ovary

How to Avoid PCOS Problem Naturally

PCOS is one of the most common hormonal disorder experienced by women in childbearing age. Being closely linked
with infertility in women and it is responsible for over 70% of the infertility issues in women.

  • A Silent Disorder:

Characterized by the irregular menstrual cycle, acne, unwanted hair growth, weight gain, pelvic pain, and hair
thinning, what aggravates this condition is that the most women discard the signs and symptoms as minor trifles
until they manifest themselves more severely. It is one of the most under-diagnosed conditions in women that can
potentially lead to the emotional distress of women who suffer it.

  • What causes PCOS?

Thought the underlying causes of PCOS are being studied since the 1700s, no definitive causes have since been
zeroed-on. Current day research suggests that higher levels of androgens (male hormones), insulin resistance and
genetic defects are three main contributing factors of PCOS in women. Unlike the genetic factor, insulin resistance and excess androgens can be treated by a change in the diet and lifestyle, which are completely in the hands of the patient.

  • How to treat PCOS naturally?

Being a complex hormonal condition, PCOS must be treated with a tailored treatment plan that is based on the
symptoms and medical history of the patient. But every treatment plan starts with the mandatory diet and lifestyle changes because they can significantly help in treating PCOS. Here’s a two-step approach that can help you reverse the PCOS condition naturally without any medication:

  • Embrace a natural healthy Diet:

Higher levels of insulin in blood and trouble maintaining a healthy weight are two of the most common problems
found in Women with PCOS. By tailoring your diet plan i.e. avoiding foods that aggravate these problems and
consuming foods that help in treating them is the key to a healthy diet in case of PCOS. Here are simple pointers for a PCOS diet:
Limit the intake of Carbohydrates (Carbs): Not all the Carbohydrates are the same. Carbs from whole grains,vegetables, fruits are healthy as they don’t spike your insulin levels much. The carbs from refined flours, sugars,white rice, and white bread are the ones you must limit if not avoid as they can flare your insulin levels.
Consume high fiber vegetables: Vegetables with adequate fiber content help in fighting the insulin resistance and also aid in reducing the inflammation. You can easily incorporate them into your meals by choosing one variety of green fiber veggies for every meal you take.

  • Maintain your ideal weight:

Focus your efforts on achieving an ideal body weight without giving up on the healthy dietary choices. This can be done by restricting your calories but the fastest way to achieve an ideal body weight is by maintaining an active lifestyle.

  • Exercise is your friend:

Maintaining an ideal weight by shedding your extra pounds of fat and exercising has not only found to improve the menstrual and infertility problems but also have increased the efficiency of the medications, accelerating the
treatment procedure of PCOS up by a notch. Resistance training is on the most effective ways to shed those extra
pounds followed by aerobic activities. Make sure you are free from the stress and get an adequate amount of sleep
that is not less than 8 hours.

Though a common hormonal condition among women, PCOS is a difficult disorder that is responsible for a lot of
distress if not treated properly. Fortunately, it can be treated by a combination of right diet, exercise, and a stress-free lifestyle; three changes that you can make by yourself. But given that it is a complex situation it is important that you take help from an expert medical professional experienced in treating PCOS.

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