From Pregnancy to Delivery: Baby Development Stages in the Womb

From Pregnancy to Delivery: Baby Development Stages in the Womb
0 6 February 2020
From Pregnancy to Delivery: Baby Development Stages in the Womb

There is nothing as magical as seeing a baby grow inside the womb of the mother right from the conception. The miracle of human birth takes right in front of our eyes and we are all so privileged to witness it, as this was not possible before the advent of imaging studies. Today, we are left amazed by the meticulous development over the course of the pregnancy.

And this development of the baby can be comfortably divided into three categories: Stage: 1(0-3 months), Stage 2(3-6 months), Stage 3(6-9 months). Here’s a brief account of the baby development stages from the conception to the delivery:

The sperm penetrates the egg, completes the genetic make-up of the foetus, rapidly divides into the cells, passes through the fallopian tube and implants itself in the uterus where the nourishment begins.

Stage 1 (0-3 Months): 

 Month 1:
After about a month, the basic structures if the head, abdomen, chest, and organs begin to develop into separate areas. The legs and arms slowly bud from the outside and your home pregnancy test comes out positive.

Month 2&3:
The foetus grows to a length of about 1 cm after 2 months, developing its facial features (ears, nose tip &eyelids). The buds now become clear legs and arms, as the toes and fingers slowly develop. After the 3rd month, the 2-inch foetus begins to develop discernible fingers, heartbeat and sex organs (identified by ultrasound by Gynaecologists)

Stage 2 (4-6 Months): 

Month 4&5:
After 4 months the foetus develops into a 4.5-inch infant with distinct facial features, heartbeat, developed toes and fingers and a discernible baby bump. The foetus at the end after 5-month weight about 400 grams at 6 inches and can make quick movements, move facial muscles, suck its thumb and sometimes even yawn.

Month 6:
The ultrasound is performed at the end of 5 months by Gynaecologists, to check the development and proper placement of the baby using Doppler imaging. The baby at the end of 6 months weight about 650 grams, responds to the sounds and the development of the ear’s inner canal happens at this stage.

Stage 3 (7-9 Months):

Month 7 & 8:
The 1.3 kg baby after the end of 7 months develops to the point that it can survive with proper care in the event of premature delivery. And the eight-month is when the baby puts on healthy weight and weighs around 4 pounds and strong enough to let us feel its movements inside the womb as you feel the womb. It is time you start your sessions with Gynaecologists about the delivery and breastfeeding.

Month 9 & Delivery:
The baby at the end of 9 months measures up about 18 inches from head to toe and weighs about 3 kg. However, both the weight and length are subject to vary based on the parent’s genetics and the baby’s sex. The baby’s fully developed enough to survive outside the uterus at the end of 9 months and delivery is planned anywhere between 36 to 42 weeks by inducing labour or C-section depending upon various circumstances. The Gynaecologist takes care of everything for you and her expertise is crucial for the making if this life-changing event. So you must consult the best gynaecologist available to help you successfully course through this memorable event. If you are living in and around Mumbai, you can consult Dr. Neelima Mantri, the best female gynaecologist and laparoscopic surgeon in Mumbai here. Call@ +917045115577