Ovarian Cyst

Ovarian Cyst
Ovary is the vital organ required for hormones production in the body, for menstrual periods as well as for successful pregnancy. Ovaries can have lesions like a cyst, a tumor, an infection or a cancer, which will hamper one or all of its functions affecting a woman at various ways. The disease requires proper approach and management to remove the pathology and restore its function. Torsion of the ovarian cyst is a gynecological emergency which presents with severe abdominal pain, fever. It requires immediate management to prevent the ovary from dying and to relieve this severe pain, to comfort the patient. Treatment options available are:

  • Medicines, antibiotics and drugs
  • Stabilisation of patient’s condition
  • Laparoscopic approach for diagnosis and treatment
  • Open surgery where laparoscopy is not advisable