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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Symptoms Causes and Treatment in Mumbai

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder that is commonly experienced by women of reproductive age. It is estimated that 1 in every 10 women are diagnosed it PCOS during their childbearing years, according to the leading gynaecologist in Mumbai, Dr Neelima Mantri. This hormonal imbalance that causes PCOS can lead to prolonged, irregular or missed periods which may result in infertility, create metabolic problems that can impact the overall health and appearance of the woman. Though it is a common and treatable condition, there is no proper information on PCOS and this blog here we give you a proper round-up on the PCOS – its causes, symptoms and guide you towards the best PCOS treatment in Mumbai, read on: PCOS – Symptoms & Causes: At its core, PCOS is a hormonal imbalance that can trigger an abnormal chain of events in a female body. Ovaries that are designated to release an egg every month are often affected by the hormonal imbalance. Small fluid sacs may develop near the ovaries which may obstruct the release of the egg leasing to missed or skipped periods. Since ovaries also produce a small amount of androgen’s (male hormones), the imbalance may exaggerate their production leading to hair loss, unwanted hair

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Premature Infant – Causes and Complications:

Babies born before 37th week of pregnancy are medically termed premature babies. On average, 1 in 10 babies born in Mumbai tends to be born prematurely due to a variety of reasons. Premature babies tend to have health problems growing up and a few can even have long-term challenges. Pregnancy is a challenging journey and a woman planning for pregnancy must beware of all the challenges ahead. At our gynaecology clinic in Mumbai, we help hundreds of pregnant woman get set and prepare for a healthy pregnancy – and premature infants are one of the topics gynaecologists Dr. Neelima Mantri we focuses on thoroughly. If you are planning for pregnancy too, it is important to be aware of the premature infant situation – its causes, complications and preventions to improve your chances of having a healthy baby. And this blog here we try to give a brief intro into this topic read on: Premature Baby – Causes: Premature birth in most cases can happen due to premature rupture of the foetal membrane that initiates early labour resulting in a premature baby. There is no one single cause for premature birth, the causes can include:

  • > Abruption of placenta
  • > Incompetent cervix which opens before it is tipped to.
  • > Infections – untreated vaginal infection

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Home Remedies on How to Stop Pregnancy Vomiting

Morning sickness is quite common during pregnancy, especially during the first 4 months. It is one of the first signs that indicate that a woman is pregnant. If you are suffering from bouts of morning sickness then this article is meant just for you. The first thing to keep in mind is that it is not at all serious and does not harm your fetus in any way. Nevertheless, it causes discomfort and in extreme cases, dehydration and weakness. It is necessary, therefore, to combat it. This article is your complete guide to morning sickness during pregnancy and will give you pregnancy vomiting home remedies. Characteristics of Morning Sickness To know what nausea and vomiting home remedies are, we need to first know the characteristics of morning sickness.

  • > Feeling of Nausea
  • > Occasional or constant vomiting
  • > Usually happens in the morning but can happen at any time of the day

Morning Sickness: Possible Causes Several causes lead to vomiting during pregnancy. Some of them include:

  • > Increase in the hormonal levels
  • > The decrease in the blood sugar levels
  • > Morning

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Itching and Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful yet very complicated painful times. The complications that arise during pregnancy are not any joke. There is body pain, vomiting, nausea, mood swings, and whatnot. We face issues that we aren’t even aware of. One of these complications is itching during pregnancy or medically known as intrahepatic cholestasis. This itching is actually a result of a liver condition that occurs in the late stages of pregnancy. What actually happens in this condition is that it starts intense itching in various parts of the body, but without a rash. The most common areas where Itching occurs are the hands and feet. The biggest issue of Cholestasis of pregnancy is that it can make you extremely uncomfortable due to the constant itching. This condition is not merely a condition of itching, but it can be a reason for complications with the baby as well. This condition is also an indicator for you to reach experts like Dr. Neelima Maitri in order to resolve the issues related to it and also understand whether there are any risks posed or not. Common symptoms- The most common symptom of , , ,

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Prostate Cancer in Women by Dr Neelima Mantri

There are numerous types of cancers and complications arising from them which affect women. For instance, breast cancer, cervical cancer, and the effects of cervical cancer in pregnancy. This article seeks to create awareness about these issues so that people know the potential risks and for timely diagnosis and possible prevention of these cancers. All of us have heard about prostate cancer in men, it is one of the most common types of cancers that affect men. The term female prostate cancer is rare. Is there such a thing as a female prostate gland or prostate cancer in women? Let us find out. Prostate Gland in Women- Myth or Reality? Medically speaking, women do not have a prostate gland. There are, however, glands with corresponding ducts on the front of the vagina known as Skene’s glands which are popularly known as female prostate because their functions are similar to the prostate gland in men. These similarities raise the question: ‘can women develop prostate cancer’? Prostate Cancer in Women The answer to the question raised in the previous section is yes. This type of cancer is quite rare which makes it difficult for researchers to conduct studies on it for the purpose of observing it and findi

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Best Positions to Help You Sleep Better During Pregnancy | Dr Neelima Mantri

It is quite common for pregnant women to wrestle with their bed as the pregnancy progresses. While it is possible to find a comfortable position, there always lingers this doubt whether it is safe for the baby, which is quite natural.  And as the pregnancy progresses the number of comfortable positions is drastically reduced as the body undergoes a slew of physical changes. Add the physical discomforts caused by the back pain, insomnia, back pain, and other conditions pregnant women usually go through, it becomes a herculean task to find the right sleeping position. If you are pregnant women going through a similar problem, then this blog is for you. Here we suggest the best sleeping positions that can help you sleep better during your pregnancy. So read on: Avoid the Back: First things first let us discuss the one sleep position you must avoid, especially in the second half of the pregnancy which is sleeping on the back. We understand it comes naturally and every woman is used to this one here yet it is not so ideal for the pregnant women. When you sleep on your back i.e. belly-up, the weight of the uterus can shift downwards and can compress the blood vessel which disrupts the flow of blood to the baby leaving you short of breath and dizzy. This position can also interfere with digestion, cause backaches and cause circulation problems, especially if you are

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Recovery Tips for New Mothers after Delivery | Dr Neelima Mantri

Pregnancy is one of the most challenging, arduous and yet a rewarding journey a woman goes through in her life. Over 9 months, a woman goes an extra mile to keep the baby healthy and safe and naturally she undergoes significant changes, both physically and emotionally. But as a new mother, she has to remember that the post-partum period is even more crucial both for the health of the mother and the baby. However this advice is often overlooked by the new mothers and at our gynaecology clinic in Mumbai, we often treat patients who did not take this period seriously and consult only when complication arise. If you are a new mother, one simple advice we can give you is extra cautious about this period, get all your postpartum check-ups performed without a miss, and follow the below recovery tips: It’s going to be tough, so, rest – On average, a baby wakes up every 3 hours. You may have to feed, change clothes and comfort him to sleep and this can be exhausting for you alone leaving you short of sleep every day for months at a stretch. So you can make simple changes that can help you take as much rest possible with these tips:

  1. Take help from your partner or kin to have to help hand with these essential tasks to give you the much-needed breaks.
  2. Have your bed as near as possible to the baby to make

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World Cancer Day Feb 04 2021 | Most Common Cancers in Women

This world cancer day, let us take a look at the most common types of cancers that affect women. Cancer during pregnancy, cervical cancer, the effects of cervical cancer in pregnancy is some of the areas of focus in this article.  In most cases, these cancers are highly treatable and if diagnosed early, have the potential for a complete recovery. Knowing what these cancers are could potentially help in their prevention. The following are the most common types of cancers in women:

  • > Breast cancer: Cancer of one or both the breasts
  • > Endometrial cancer: Cancer of the uterine lining.
  • > Cervical cancer: Cancer of the cervix.
  • > Ovarian cancer: Cancer of one or both the ovaries
  • > Lung cancer: Cancer that affects the lungs
  • > Skin cancer: Also known as melanoma, caused due to excessive exposure to the sun or a variety of other factors.
  • > Colorectal cancer: A cancer of the colon and the rectum. Its counterpart in men is prostate cancer.

Breast Cancer It is the most common type of cancer in women which is why we are devoting a whole section to it. The risk of this ca

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Early Morning Habits of Pregnant Woman to Help Your Day Go Smoother

Pregnancy can be quite a daunting experience. You are growing another human being inside you, and that is a very complicated process. Your body goes through a lot of physical and hormonal changes that affect your physical as well and mental health. It is quite normal to make mistakes here and there, especially if it’s your first pregnancy. But it is also very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and not give up on good habits during pregnancy. Taking care of yourself comes first. This is the advice from the best gynecologist doctor in India. Complications with pregnancy Pregnancy is a very intricate process and it puts a huge strain on the human body. The human body goes through a lot of changes that might be pleasant. Some of these complications are:

  • Puking: It is very common for women to pike through their pregnancy. While this might not seem like a big deal, it can be quite embarrassing for some and annoying for everyone
  • Weight Gain: Gaining weight and a chance in the shape of your body is something most women loath.
  • Inflammation: There is inflammation in different parts of the body like feet, hands

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Pregnancy and Infant Loss Precautions – Best Infertility Treatment in Mumbai

Pregnancy and infant loss has a huge impact on families, their mental state, and well being. Even though many facilities offer to help, the loss is still irreparable. Organizations offer compassionate, skilled, and individualized support from professionals and it’s very important but it’s better to prevent the loss from happening in the first place. Pregnancy is a very crucial and tender stage of every woman’s life, as a study shows that almost 15% of women experience a miscarriage. This could be because of random chromosomal abnormalities or because of obesity, diabetes, advancing age, thyroid disorders, and hypertension, which also increase the chances of miscarriage. These are the issues that are not completely in your control but other ways can reduce the risk of miscarriage, infant loss, or stillbirth. Doing the best and taking great pregnancy and infant loss precautions is a necessity and must be kept in mind. Here is a list of certain precautions every woman must follow during pregnancy to decrease the risk of child loss.

  • Flu shots
  • Being careful in the kitchen
  • Being hygienic
  • Proper diet
  • Taking medications
  • Quitting bad habits

 Infertility Treatment in Mumbai Besides taking precautions,