Urinary Tract Infections Treatment in Mumbai

Urinary Tract Infections Treatment in Mumbai
0 16 December 2021
Urinary Tract Infections Treatment in Mumbai

A urinary tract infection (UTI) happens to be anyone’s nightmare. The excruciating pain, weakness, and discomfort are just a few of the many inconveniences that one has to go through while having a UTI. Urinary tract infections are more common in women than are in men, and their intensity can vary depending on many factors. Mild urinary tract infections can simply involve the bladder or the urethra; while the serious ones go on to involve the kidney as well. It is a self-diagnosable disease with treatments available.

Causes for UTI

Causes for urinary tract infections mostly happen to be microorganisms like bacteria entering the body through the urethra to the urinary tract. This infection can be classified into two types based on the causes:

     > Cystitis: Escherichia coli (E. coli) are the main cause of the infection of the bladder, also known as cystitis. This bacterium is usually found in the gastrointestinal tract. Cystitis can also happen due to unprotected sexual intercourse in some cases.

     > Urethritis: When thegastrointestinal bacteria spread from the anus to the urethra, Urethritis has its chances to exist. This infection of the urethra is also caused by herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and mycoplasma.

Urinary Tract Infection Symptoms

Urinary tract infections can be very painful. Hence, before you see the top gynecologist in your area to check if you have a UTI, it is best to look out for the following symptoms:

> A strong feeling to urinate all the time
> Urination is accompanied by a feeling of burning
> Signs of blood in urine at any point
> Extreme and unexplained pelvic pain

Urinary Tract Infection Treatment

Since urinary tract infections are common in women, their treatment is not too complicated. The treatment of the UTI depends upon what kind of infection you have, though. For instance:

> If you have a bacterial urinary tract infection, your doctor may prescribe you some antibiotics after proper analyzing and diagnosing.
> If you have a viral urinary tract infection, your doctor may prescribe you some antivirals
> If you have a fungal urinary tract infection, you are most likely to be prescribed some antifungals.

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