Management Of Pelvic Pain

Management Of Pelvic Pain

Chronic lower abdominal pain is one of the common complaints faced by women, which can have numerous causes. Gynecological conditions which can cause this are:


  • Pelvic inflammatory disease – infection of uterus, cervix or fallopian tubes
  • Tuberculosis in the abdomen
  • Endometriosis – can lead to infertility or miscarriages
  • Chronic ectopic pregnancy – pregnancy not in normal position but in fallopian tubes
  • Urinary infection
  • Fibroid in uterus
  • Ovarian cyst, tumor or cancer


Each condition needs to be addressed individually and evaluated adequately as well as treated completely. Local infection needs appropriate course of antibiotics whereas ectopic pregnancy needs surgical removal. Laparoscopy may be resorted to for certain cases. Dr. Mantri will ensure complete management of the pathology to bring about best possible outcome.

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