Stages of Prenatal Development

Stages of Prenatal Development
0 20 May 2022
Stages of Prenatal Development

The process that occurs during the 40 weeks prior to the child birth is called prenatal development. It is divided in 3 trimesters and does not correspond with the stages. The first trimester ends when the embryo comes to an end, the second trimester ends on the 20th week and the third trimester ends when the child is born.

Prenatal development is the development of the child inside the mother’s womb. The child does not just come out of the mother’s womb, it goes through stages of change and development. This stage of development is referred to as prenatal development. There are three major stages in the prenatal development:

1.     Germinal stage

The germinal stage occurs from the time of conception until 2 weeks. The conception occurs when the sperm fertilizes an egg to form a zygote. In the first week after conception, the zygote begins to divide and multiply from one cell structure to two cell structures and so on.

This cell division process is called mitosis. Five days after the mitosis 100 cells are built up and later million cells are built up after 9 months. These cells get specialized and divided into the different organs of the body. During this stage the cells necessary for umbilical cord, placenta and amniotic fluid are differentiated to form the embryo.

2.     Embryonic stage

This is the second stage of prenatal development. This occurs from the 3rd week of pregnancy till the 8th week of the pregnancy. During this period the major organs and body systems develop. The heart also gets developed and starts to beat.

The amniotic sac is formed. The sac filled with amniotic fluid forms around the embryo in the uterus. Then, the placenta is formed. The role of the placenta is that it absorbs oxygen and nourishment from the mother to give to the baby. The umbilical cord is also formed at this stage.

This cord is a long tube that connects the placenta and the baby. It carries nourishment to the baby and the wastes away to the placenta and then the mother’s blood stream.

3.     Fetal stage

This stage occurs from the 9th week of pregnancy. From the 9th week to the 15th week the reproductive organs are formed, the tooth buds appear, the eyelids form and the fetus is very active. The brain activity of the baby can also be detected by this time. From the 16th to 26h week, the brain develops rapidly and alveoli forms in the lungs.

The internal parts of the eyes and ears begin to form. The eyebrows, eyelashes and nails start to appear and the muscles develop. From the 27th week to the 38th week, the child’s body fat increases rapidly and bones also complete their development. The head hair gets coarser and thicker. The brain of the child is also seen to be continuously active.

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