Intrauterine Infection(Chorioamnionitis) Symptoms & Treatment

Intrauterine Infection(Chorioamnionitis) Symptoms & Treatment
0 8 March 2024
Intrauterine Infection(Chorioamnionitis) Symptoms & Treatment

Chorioamnionitis is a complicated technical term for intrauterine infection, which, as the name suggests, is an infection of the uterus that can occur during pregnancy. The reasons are versatile and can vary. Intrauterine infection during pregnancy can pose severe risks to the baby when left untreated. “Intrauterine infection during pregnancy can often lead to preterm birth, an increased risk of infection to the baby, and an increased risk of chronic health conditions in children later in their life,” says the best gynaecologist in Mumbai, Dr. Neelima Mantri.

Intrauterine infection in pregnant women is more common than most women think. Approximately 1-4% of women suffer from the infection every year. Unfortunately, most women do not get treated and suffer the risk of complications. If you are a pregnant woman or planning for one in the near future, you must be aware of this infection as soon as possible, and we are here to help.

With inputs from the best gynaecologist in Mumbai, Dr. Neelima Mantri, we delve into this bacterial infection, its causes, risks, and preventive steps. Read on to know:

What is Intrauterine Infection (Chorioamnionitis)?

Intrauterine infection in pregnant women, also called Chorioamnionitis, is an infection of the outer membrane of the uterus that surrounds the foetus (called chorion) and the inner membrane that surrounds the foetus and contains amniotic fluid (called amnion). The infection in the chorion and amnion of the uterus is also called Chorioamnionitis, or intrauterine infection.

What causes Intrauterine Infection (Chorioamnionitis)?

Chorioamnionitis often occurs when bacteria from the vagina ascend to the uterus through the cervix. In most cases, the ascension doesn’t happen, but certain events can trigger this ascension. The bacteria can enter the uterus due to rupture of the membranes, invasive procedures, weakened immune system, and even genital tract infections, according to gynaecologist in Mumbai, Dr. Neelima Mantri.

Symptoms of Intrauterine Infection – How to detect it?

Fever is one of the primary symptoms of intrauterine infection in pregnant women. Abdominal pain, abnormal vaginal discharge, tenderness of the uterus, followed by an increased heart rate, fatal heart rate changes, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and general malaise can also occur during a intrauterine infection. Given that most of these symptoms are common during pregnancy, it is always advisable to consult a qualified gynaecologist as soon as one of the symptoms, primarily fever, happens. Early detection and prompt treatment of uterine infections are crucial to ensure the health and well-being of both the mother and the baby.

So what is the treatment for intrauterine infection or Chorioamnionitis?

Intrauterine Infection Treatment in Mumbai:

“Isn’t it surprising that an infection with such complications can be swiftly managed and treated with simple antibiotics and monitoring? Such is the benefit of early diagnosis and treatment,” says gynaecologist in Mumbai, Dr. Neelima Mantri.

When asked about the prevention strategies to reduce the risk of intrauterine infections, she adds, “Taking antibiotics when the water breaks early, limiting the number of vaginal exams after the water breaks, and getting screened for Group B Streptococcus in the third trimester of pregnancy are some of the key tips we suggest to pregnant women to reduce the risk of intrauterine infection”.

If you are in Mumbai and are seeking information and assistance about intrauterine infection or Chorioamnionitis, Dr. Mantri is the best female gynaecologist in Mumbai who specializes in treating intrauterine infection cases. You can directly consult her here: