Uterine Septum Surgery in Mumbai

0 26 October 2021
Uterine Septum Surgery in Mumbai

The urine septum is a frequent but undetected cause for female infertility and recurrent miscarriages; this is a condition where the uterus is divided in half and acts as an obstacle in successfully conceiving a baby. Why is uterine septum surgery advised?

  • During the initial stages of growth, two separate uteri come together and this leads to the formation of a female triangular-shaped uterus, but in the case of the uterine septum, the tissue between them also known as Mullerian tissue, is unable to reabsorb, so the rest of the tissue has to be removed. Along with this, any other tissue that acts as a hindrance has to be removed in uterine septum surgery.

What is the goal of the surgery? Uterine septum problems can cause issues related to menstruation, so doctors recommend surgery to correct symptoms of this abnormality. Uses of sanitary pads and tampons become easier after surgery and provide relief in menstrual pain. They don’t lead to any sort of health issues in women and some cases there might be no requirement for treatment but they can lead to future problems related to infertility in a few women. Other issues could be premature labour, recurrent pregnancy loss and miscarriages. In which cases is uterine sept

0 10 February 2021
Best Positions to Help You Sleep Better During Pregnancy | Dr Neelima Mantri

It is quite common for pregnant women to wrestle with their bed as the pregnancy progresses. While it is possible to find a comfortable position, there always lingers this doubt whether it is safe for the baby, which is quite natural.  And as the pregnancy progresses the number of comfortable positions is drastically reduced as the body undergoes a slew of physical changes. Add the physical discomforts caused by the back pain, insomnia, back pain, and other conditions pregnant women usually go through, it becomes a herculean task to find the right sleeping position. If you are pregnant women going through a similar problem, then this blog is for you. Here we suggest the best sleeping positions that can help you sleep better during your pregnancy. So read on: Avoid the Back: First things first let us discuss the one sleep position you must avoid, especially in the second half of the pregnancy which is sleeping on the back. We understand it comes naturally and every woman is used to this one here yet it is not so ideal for the pregnant women. When you sleep on your back i.e. belly-up, the weight of the uterus can shift downwards and can compress the blood vessel which disrupts the flow of blood to the baby leaving you short of breath and dizzy. This position can also interfere with digestion, cause backaches and cause circulation problems, especially if you are

0 20 December 2016
Best Female Gynecologist Mumbai

There are many gynecologists in Mumbai. One of them is Dr. Neelima Mantri. She is the Best Female Gynecologist Mumbai. She is well known for gynecology treatment and obstetrician specialist in Mumbai. Because of Her co -friendly nature and result oriented advice listed her name under the list of top 10 gynecologists Mumbai. Till Dr. Neelima perform various successful surgeries. She has a rich experience in her field. She has an experience of over 10 years.  Along with gynecology treatment, she is also an expert in various surgeries such as Laparoscopic Surgery, Endometriosis, Infertility treatment and much more. Dr. Neelima Mantri is well educated MS- gynecology, obstetrics and MBBS- obstetrician and gynecologist. She completed her under – graduation from the reputed tertiary care referral Centre in India, K