What is Vulvar Disease?

What is Vulvar Disease?
0 26 October 2021
What is Vulvar Disease?

The vulvar disease is any sort of abnormality or pathological condition that has impacts on a certain part of the entire section of the vulva. Various disorders can occur and some of them can be treated through vulvovaginal health maintenance.

It may be infections such as contact dermatitis, vulvodynia and folliculitis and other conditions such as vulvar cancer, blemishes, inflammatory diseases, pain and ulcers.

The vulva is the outer area of the female genital and it is sensitive. Any abnormalities such as burning sensation or pain should be considered as a symptom and you should consider talking to a specialist gynaecologist regarding the same. It could be a basic skin infection or a severe form of disorder such as cancer. Physical tests are performed to identify the level of severity of symptoms and then treatment is recommended.

What is vulvar cancer?

It is a type of cancer that affects the flesh on the outer area of the female genital. In most cases, vulvar cancer leads to the formation of a red colour lump in the area. The cause of such a type of cancer is still unknown but is often observed and diagnosed in older females.

This condition starts to form when there is the development of mutations in the DNA. This leads to the growth and division of cells and a large number of healthy cells die that can be Melanoma or cell carcinoma. Early diagnosis is very beneficial as it helps in early treatment and reduces the risk of surgery.

Symptoms include a

  • cut or soreness
  • development of lump or mass
  • pain in the area
  • irritation and itching
  • bleeding which is not similar to the usual menstrual cycle bleeding
  • burning sensation even after treatment
  • certain changes in the colour, size, appearance or texture of a birthmark or a mole present in the area

A major factor contributing to the occurrence of this condition is the age of women and is mostly diagnosed in women between ages between 65 to 75 years; it can also occur in women who are 40 or younger as well.

Treatment for vulvar disorders

Usual forms of treatment for vulvar cancer include-

  • Radiation therapy
  • chemotherapy
  • surgery or a mixture of different approaches.

This depends upon the nature and level of disease, the depth, severity and extent of spread of cancer. Doctors review all approaches of surgery and try to measure the pros and cons of all options to finalize one method for treatment. In some cases,  even after surgery, people might require more treatment due to increased problems. Then doctors move on to Radiation therapy.

If cancer is detected and treated early, the guarantee for cure and improvement is more than 90%. You just need to keep an eye on any symptoms and inform your doctor about any signs that you notice to carry out the tests as early as possible and during and after treatment you can go to your doctors again for follow-ups and regular checkups.

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