Best Positions to Help You Sleep Better During Pregnancy | Dr Neelima Mantri

Best Positions to Help You Sleep Better During Pregnancy | Dr Neelima Mantri
0 10 February 2021
Best Positions to Help You Sleep Better During Pregnancy | Dr Neelima Mantri

It is quite common for pregnant women to wrestle with their bed as the pregnancy progresses. While it is possible to find a comfortable position, there always lingers this doubt whether it is safe for the baby, which is quite natural.  And as the pregnancy progresses the number of comfortable positions is drastically reduced as the body undergoes a slew of physical changes.

Add the physical discomforts caused by the back pain, insomnia, back pain, and other conditions pregnant women usually go through, it becomes a herculean task to find the right sleeping position. If you are pregnant women going through a similar problem, then this blog is for you. Here we suggest the best sleeping positions that can help you sleep better during your pregnancy. So read on:

Avoid the Back:

First things first let us discuss the one sleep position you must avoid, especially in the second half of the pregnancy which is sleeping on the back. We understand it comes naturally and every woman is used to this one here yet it is not so ideal for the pregnant women.

When you sleep on your back i.e. belly-up, the weight of the uterus can shift downwards and can compress the blood vessel which disrupts the flow of blood to the baby leaving you short of breath and dizzy. This position can also interfere with digestion, cause backaches and cause circulation problems, especially if you are in the second half of your pregnancy. If you wake-up in this one, don’t panic but carefully avoid this position. So which positions are best for pregnant women? The next ones are.

 The Side Support is Better for Sleep:

Sleeping on your side especially the left side is considered the best for women in second and trimesters of pregnancy.  While sleeping on either side left or right helps, the left side is found to be ideal for better blood flow to the baby, increase circulation, better digestion and efficient functioning of kidneys in women, according to research. But how do you make it a habit to sleep on your side if you are so much used to sleep on your back? We got a few tips for you:

  1. Use pillows to either side to help you sleep on your side and avoid getting back to the back position.
  2. Getting a wedge-shaped pillow or 5-feet pregnancy pillow can simplify your sleep.
  3. Use incliners to sleep in an upright position or to take naps to make it even simple.

That said, it is quite normal to experience sleep problems while being pregnant and the problems may get heavier as days go by. By implementing a few strategies you can alleviate your sleep difficulties and an expert gynaecologist like Dr Neelima Mantri can help you in this regard. If you are in Mumbai and are looking for the best gynaecologist in Mumbai to provide an expert help during pregnancy you can contact Dr Neelima Mantri Call here: +91 70451 15577