Reducing your stress can boost your fertility – Here are 4 ways how you can do it

Reducing your stress can boost your fertility – Here are 4 ways how you can do it
0 24 December 2019
Reducing your stress can boost your fertility – Here are 4 ways how you can do it

One out of every six women experience infertility problems and find it difficult to conceive. Infertility need not always be about physical problems either, 1 out of every 5 couples we treat at our infertility centre suffer infertility due to emotional problems like extreme stress, nervousness, and anxiety.

According to researchers, stress and anxiety may not lead to a successful conception and around 20% of the women face these emotional issues, on an average. It’s completely natural for women to feel stressed and nervous about the biggest change that is going to come into her life. While the thoughts of pregnancy running in the mind of the first-timer make her nervous and anxious, the same thoughts can increase the stress for the women who had been trying for so long.

This stress experienced by the woman automatically signals her body that it is not the right time for pregnancy thereby decreasing your chances of conception. Then how should a woman keep herself in proper emotional health while trying for conception?

Here are four best ways to de-stress and boost your conception chances:

  1. Take a Break:

It is only natural to feel trapped inside and stopping you to go outside. But make an effort if not force yourself to go out. Break your daily routine and go someplace special to bring out the positive vibes you have been missing out for long.

  1. Eat Right:

Your diet plays one of the most crucial roles in helping you come out of the hole you find yourself in. It is easy to load up yourself with sugary and processed foods, especially when you are in stress. Eating a Mediterranean diet with lots of fish, nuts, veggies, and fruits not only boosts your physical health but also keeps you in the right headspace.

  1. Practice Yoga:

Yoga is one of the most effective ways to de-stress yourself during tumultuous times. The mindful breathing techniques relax you and the simple yoga poses give you a proper stretch energizing and releasing the stress you have built for long. If you cannot adhere to yoga, simple meditation with deep breathing also can help you reap benefits in a short time.

  1. Stretch and Exercise:

Exercise not only boosts your physical health but also increases the production of the domain which helps you reduce your stress and boost your mental health. Adding a stretch program to your daily workout regimen can relax your muscles, improve blood circulation and de-stress your body most simply and effectively possible. But make sure you do not go overboard, aim for a simple low impact exercise for not more than 2 hours.

  1. Talk to your Gynaecologist:

Talking one-to-one with your Gynaecologist and making her known about your doubts, apprehensions, and fear is a great way to bust the tension and nervousness that will pent up during the conception period. Dr. Neelima Mantri is one of the Best Gynaecologists in Mumbai with a remarkable record of helping thousands of women complete their pregnancy journey. If you are looking for a Best Gynecologist and obstretician Doctor in Mumbai, you can find her here: Dr Neelima Mantri

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