Prostate Cancer in Women by Dr Neelima Mantri

Prostate Cancer in Women by Dr Neelima Mantri
0 12 February 2021
Prostate Cancer in Women by Dr Neelima Mantri

There are numerous types of cancers and complications arising from them which affect women. For instance, breast cancer, cervical cancer, and the effects of cervical cancer in pregnancy. This article seeks to create awareness about these issues so that people know the potential risks and for timely diagnosis and possible prevention of these cancers. All of us have heard about prostate cancer in men, it is one of the most common types of cancers that affect men. The term female prostate cancer is rare. Is there such a thing as a female prostate gland or prostate cancer in women? Let us find out.

Prostate Gland in Women- Myth or Reality?

Medically speaking, women do not have a prostate gland. There are, however, glands with corresponding ducts on the front of the vagina known as Skene’s glands which are popularly known as female prostate because their functions are similar to the prostate gland in men. These similarities raise the question: ‘can women develop prostate cancer’?

Prostate Cancer in Women

The answer to the question raised in the previous section is yes. This type of cancer is quite rare which makes it difficult for researchers to conduct studies on it for the purpose of observing it and finding a cure. Studies, however, have been done on animals with similar glands and certain treatments have been identified. A number of cancers of the urethral region in women could arise from the Skene’s glands. Prostate cancer in women can be treated by radiation or by a combination of radiation and surgery.

Risk Factors

The risk of developing prostate cancer in women is elevated when the following factors are present:

  • > Age: Studies conducted on animals reveal that the risk of developing cancer on the Skene’s glands increases with age.
  • > Pregnancy: Since the levels of progesterone have an impact on this kind of cancer, if one has experienced pregnancy, they are at a higher risk of developing prostate cancer

Identifying Characteristics or Possible Symptoms of Prostate Cancer in Women

Since prostate cancer is rare in women, its symptoms are difficult to identify. Some of them, however, are listed below:

  • > Urethral bleeding
  • > Recurring abnormal symptoms in the urethra
  • > Pain in urethra
  • > Frequent and painful urination
  • > Blood in urine
  • > Painful penetrative sexual intercourse
  • > Unexplained, sudden changes in the menstrual cycle
  • > Undue pressure behind the pubic bones
  • > Recurring infection of the Skene’s glands
  • > Untreated Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)
  • > Complications from PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)
  • > High levels of Prostate-specific antigen (PSA)
  • > Cysts in Skene’s glands


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