PCOS Specialist in India | PCOS Symptoms & Treatments in Mumbai

PCOS Specialist in India | PCOS Symptoms & Treatments in Mumbai
0 16 October 2020
PCOS Specialist in India | PCOS Symptoms & Treatments in Mumbai

PCOS one of the major and most common gynaecological problems faced by women in India. On an average one in every five Indian women suffer from this hormonal problem which manifests in the form of irregular periods, weight-gain infertility and even miscarriage in women of reproductive age.

PCOS is also one of the most common gynaecological problems among the cases that we treat every month at our clinic by PCOS Specialist Dr. Neelima Mantri. Being a hormonal disorder which can easily be controlled by simple diet and lifestyle choices in mild cases, PCOS needs more awareness among women.

To help identify the problem and seek PCOS treatment in Mumbai as soon as possible, we have decided to provide brief information about symptoms of PCOS and best PCOS treatment in Mumbai. Read on:

PCOS – Poly Cystic Ovarian Disorder and its Symptoms:

PCOS is a common gynaecological problem that is caused by hormonal imbalance and metabolic problems which impact overall health, appearance and especially fertility of women. As the name suggest this disorder can impact ovarian health with the development of small cysts near the reproductive organs negatively impacting reproductive health.

Symptoms of PCOS:

Women, in general, may not know even though they have it, if the PCOS is dormant. Majority of them ignore the symptoms and only consult gynaecologists when they fail to get pregnant or suffer other infertility problems caused by PCOS. And this is why it is very important to get to know the symptoms of PCOS to seek timely PCOS treatment in Mumbai.

Symptoms of PCOS often appear during the first menstrual cycle and continue to make their presence felt along the way. It is also possible to develop symptoms later in life due to rapid weight gain or the incidence of PCOS becoming severe and active. Following are some of the signs and symptoms of PCOS:

  1. Irregular menstrual cycle: Prolonged infrequent and irregular menstrual cycle is one of the major sign of an impending reproductive health problem which in most cases turns out to be PCOS.
  2. Cosmetic problems: Excessive weight gain, thinning hair, acne, over-growth of facial and body hair, male pattern baldness are some of the problems caused by excessive androgens which are triggered by PCOS.
  3. Infertility problems: PCOS can negatively impact reproductive health by causing ovarian dysfunction and other reproductive problems. Failure to get pregnant and recurrent pregnancy loss are the common problems faced by women with PCOS.


Diagnosis & Best PCOS Treatment in Mumbai:

PCOS is not a disease but a syndrome which continues even after chid bearing years which is why it can gradually impact overall health. When left untreated women with PCOS run a high risk of high blood pressure, type-2 diabetes, stroke and heart disease.

A PCOS specialist recommends pelvic exam, blood test, ultrasound other common tests to diagnose the problem. Treatment for PCOS starts with managing the individual problems caused by the PCOS. Lifestyle changes, medications, home remedies are recommended by the PCOS specialist to address and solve the problems.

Given the above symptoms are common for any gynaecological problems it could be difficult for women to identify PCOS. So it is generally recommended to consult a gynaecologist in case any abnormal problems arises to make sure the problem is nipped in its bud.

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