World Cancer Day Feb 04 2021 | Most Common Cancers in Women

World Cancer Day Feb 04 2021 | Most Common Cancers in Women
0 4 February 2021
World Cancer Day Feb 04 2021 | Most Common Cancers in Women

This world cancer day, let us take a look at the most common types of cancers that affect women. Cancer during pregnancy, cervical cancer, the effects of cervical cancer in pregnancy is some of the areas of focus in this article.  In most cases, these cancers are highly treatable and if diagnosed early, have the potential for a complete recovery. Knowing what these cancers are could potentially help in their prevention.

The following are the most common types of cancers in women:

  • > Breast cancer: Cancer of one or both the breasts
  • > Endometrial cancer: Cancer of the uterine lining.
  • > Cervical cancer: Cancer of the cervix.
  • > Ovarian cancer: Cancer of one or both the ovaries
  • > Lung cancer: Cancer that affects the lungs
  • > Skin cancer: Also known as melanoma, caused due to excessive exposure to the sun or a variety of other factors.
  • > Colorectal cancer: A cancer of the colon and the rectum. Its counterpart in men is prostate cancer.

Breast Cancer

It is the most common type of cancer in women which is why we are devoting a whole section to it. The risk of this cancer increases with age although it could occur at any age. Some women are predisposed to breast cancer due to a variety of factors such as genes, lifestyle et al. It is important, therefore, to be acquainted with potential risks and find your risk status so that you can take necessary precautions. If you are a person who is at risk, it is advisable to get regular cancer screening tests.

Women of ages 45 to 54 are advised to get an annual mammogram every year while women who are 55 and older can get a mammogram every two years. Women of ages 40 to 45 should start thinking about getting yearly breast examinations.

Things to Keep in Mind

One should know what their breasts normally look and feel like. Self-breast examinations can also be done easily at home. In case of any discrepancies, you can approach your doctor. If you have a family history of breast cancer or a possible genetic predisposition should get regular MRIs and Mammograms with a consultation with your doctor.

Some Methods To Reduce The Potential Cancer Risk

  • > Avoid cigarettes and tobacco
  • > Exercise regularly to maintain a healthy body weight
  • > Eat a regular and a balanced diet
  • > Form healthy routines
  • > Create a work-life balance
  • > Avoid processed food and red meat
  • > Apply sunscreen and use other methods of skin protection
  • > Avoid alcohol, if not then limit yourself to a drink a day
  • > Know your medical and your family’s medical history
  • > Have a go-to healthcare provider to discuss preventative measures through comprehensive health plans which involve regular check-ups.


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