What is Premature Pregnancy and How to Prevent?

What is Premature Pregnancy and How to Prevent?
0 12 June 2018
What is Premature Pregnancy and How to Prevent?

Premature pregnancy is giving premature birth before the due date of delivery.

Let us discuss the premature causes and signs that can help you to prevent premature pregnancy. The causes that can lead to premature birth are:

  1. Overweight or underweight
  2. Getting pregnant soon after the previous delivery
  3. Having twins or more during pregnancy
  4. Problems regarding the cervix or the uterus
  5. High blood pressure
  6. Stress
  7. Diabetes (especially gestational diabetes)
  8. Smoking and drugs

These are the major causes of premature pregnancy, which can be prevented to reduce the risks involved. Here is how you can prevent premature pregnancy, says Dr. Neelima Mantri, a renowned Gynecologist.

  1. Follow some light to moderate exercises for having control over weight. A balanced diet is important for preventing obesity as well as to improve upon the present weight. Staying physically active will help in overall health during pregnancy.
  2. Avoid getting pregnant soon after giving birth to a previous baby. Talk with your partner to avoid such situations when there might be a chance of conceiving.
  3. If you are having problems with the cervix or the uterus, consult a doctor before you plan to get pregnant. This can help you to prevent further complications.
  4. Following some techniques to stay away from stress factors can help you prevent premature pregnancy. Find out some activities that could distract you from the depression if any. Meditation can also help you a great deal in order to stay in the best of mental health.
  5. Cut down smoking in order to eliminate the risks of early labor. You can choose a better alternative to smoking like chewing gums. Similarly, stay away from alcohol or keep to the limit on consumption of alcohol. Abstain from drugs so that your judgement is not impaired due to enhance in your mood affect your lifestyle and choices.
  6. Always check with your doctor before taking any medication during pregnancy. This will minimize the risks of premature delivery, especially if you are in the habit of taking sedatives or pain killers.
  7. Avoid infections that are animal borne by washing your hands after touching any animal. Infections can also be transmitted through sexually transmitted infections. Get treatment for HIV also.

Following these ways you can prevent premature birth after analyzing the premature causes and signs. Always take the advice of your doctor in each and every step you follow.

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