Things Need to Know About Female Infertility

Things Need to Know About Female Infertility
0 17 January 2019
Things Need to Know About Female Infertility

5 Important Things You Need to Know About Female Infertility:

If you are in your 30s and are trying to get pregnant, you sure would have been familiar with the word ‘Fertility’ or the lack of it: ‘Infertility’. Your Fertility status and reproductive health directly impact your ability to conceive and raise a healthy child. But most of the women don’t seem to know about Fertility until they chance into a reproductive problem in their later 20s or early 30s.

So, what is Fertility?

Fertility is the ability to reproduce. A fertile men fathers the children and as for women, it is her ability to get pregnant and carry the pregnancy to a full term. There are many factors that can deter this ability in both men and women, causing Infertility. Fertility is a raising problem which sometimes cannot be naturally treated if the couple is not proactive about their reproductive health.

If you are that couple who would like to educate yourself about the Fertility problem, then here are the 5 important things you should know:

Being healthy doesn’t mean you are Fertile:

You lead an active life, exercise every day, eat right and lead a healthy life. That doesn’t mean you are free from the fertility problems. Infertility is not like your general health problems; three in every twenty healthy couple face these problems. So, consult a doctor if you are finding it difficult to conceive after persistent efforts after a year at the least.

It’s not always the ‘She’ problem:

The word Infertility is usually attributed to female, which is not at all true. Healthy men can be infertile too. In fact, Male infertility is responsible for 30% of the Infertility cases which is the same as female infertility and the remaining 30% are a combination of both.

Yes, your weight of female does affect Fertility:

It was found that almost 12% of the infertility cases were caused by weight problems. It’s not just about being overweight about being malnourished and underweight can burden your chances. Given that a minimum of 22% of body fat is required for normal menstruation and reproductive cycle, maintaining a healthy weight is paramount for women.

Age is the most important factor. Both for men and women:

Fertility hits the peak in the 20s for both men and women. And then slowly rolls off after the early 30s in women. While the window period is slightly large for men (50), it was found that the kids of older fathers are at an increased risk of health problems. So, age remains an inevitable factor impacting your fertility status.

Your lifestyle can impact your fertility:

Being in perfect health doesn’t mean you are fertile. But your ill-health does impact your fertility. Unhealthy lifestyle choices do affect your general health which directly impacts your reproductive health.

  1. Drinking alcohol
  2. Smoking Cigarette (even second-hand smoke)
  3. Chronic Stress
  4. Poor Diet.

So, if you are a couple planning to start a family in the near future, we request you to make amends to your lifestyle choices. If you are finding it difficult to get pregnant or sustain a pregnancy, we advise you to consult a qualified doctor to seek help. Most of the Fertility problems are treatable and can be easily solved with the right help.

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