Cool Ways to Announce your Pregnancy

Cool Ways to Announce your Pregnancy
0 18 March 2019
Cool Ways to Announce your Pregnancy

Going to be a mother? Congratulations! You may be excited in finding out that you are going to be a mother and embrace the process of pregnancy followed by motherhood as you welcome a newest addition to your family! It’s even exciting to share the news with your partner but even more exciting would be announcing it to the world.

Let’s take a look at few cool ideas to announce to the world that you are expecting.

#1 New Pair of “Genes”

Let the world know that you are getting a new pair of “genes”. For fun, you can also add in which season, your new pair of “Genes” will arrive. For eg: Baby Clara: Spring/summer collection 2019

#2 Announce the next generation

Let the world know that you are ready to welcome the next generation with a bang! Just like new generation smart phones are launched, convey this idea using actual smart phones and a toy phone

#3 Guard Dog Duty

If you have a pet, you can convey it through him. Announce that he will be doing a guard dog duty starting the baby due month. You can write it somewhere near to your pet and place it next to him

#4 Movie poster

This is one of the coolest ideas to announce it to your family. Create a movie poster by adding your and spouse’s name on it along with the “release date”. This is a cute and creative idea at the same time

#5 Mug shots

Be creative here. Just put out the message or conduct a photo shoot to add on the mug, which conveys the matter. Gift the mugs to your family members and the mug will do the rest of the job!

#6 Aim at simplicity

Just call up a family gathering, cook them food and announce it in a simple and sweet way. You will see congratulations coming all the way

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