Vulvitis (Vulvar Itching) Causes Symptoms & Treatment

Vulvitis (Vulvar Itching) Causes Symptoms & Treatment
0 15 November 2022
Vulvitis (Vulvar Itching) Causes Symptoms & Treatment

Vulvitis is one of the most common inflammatory conditions of female genitals that is experienced by women all around the world. It is similar to vaginitis that we talked about earlier – but with a minor difference.

While vaginitis is inflame the insides of the vagina, Vulvitis refers to inflammation of the outer part of this reproductive organ. Though it is a common condition sometimes it can aggravate and cause persistent irritation, pain and swelling for several days at a stretch.

We often get advanced cases of the Vulvitis which would be easily solved in days had they approached us earlier. Since most women overlook this condition as common itching, it tends to show up severe symptoms. So with the inputs from the top gynaecologist in Mumbai, Dr Neelima Mantri, we provide complete details about the symptoms, causes and options for Vulvitis treatment in Mumbai. Read on:

What is Vulvitis? What causes it?

The area outside the vagina is called the vulva and it includes a vaginal opening, labia majora, labia minora and clitoris.  This entire area is made up of soft skin and tends to be moist and warm all the time which makes it vulnerable to infections, allergies, irritations and skin disorders – everything leading up to Vulvitis. In addition, this contact this stool or urine may also result in chronic Vulvitis.

What are the symptoms of Vulvitis?

Soreness, redness, itching and irritation are the general symptoms of Vulvitis. In some cases, clear, fluid-filled blisters, small cracks on the skin of the vulva, thick wheatish scaly patches, redness and swelling on the inner labia can also happen.

Diagnosis for Vulvitis in Mumbai:

Diagnosis of Vulvitis starts with a pelvic exam followed by complete monitoring of medical history in the women. Blood tests, urine tests and tests for sexually transmitted diseases are common tests that are performed during the diagnosis.  In addition to this pap tests are performed to test the cell’s microscopic levels to detect cancerous conditions.

Treatment for Vulvitis in Mumbai:

Treatment for Vulvitis depends on the cause of inflammation. Practicing proper hygiene of the vulva and protecting the vulva from irritants is the basic step that is suggested by every healthcare provider. Treatment for Vulvitis is provided based on the current condition of the patient, cause and severity of the Vulvitis, tolerance for medical conditions and current symptoms.

Anti-fungal, estrogen or hydrocortisone creams are provided to relieve the symptoms. Along with this care must be taken to avoid using products that cause vulvar irritation – loose fitting clothes, unscented products, and white undergarments for air circulation or often recommended. Along with this, a sitz bath can be hugely beneficial when it comes to relieving the symptoms of Vulvitis.

How to prevent Vulvitis?

“Following a set of good habits with respect to vulva hygiene can cut down the risk of Vulvitis significantly”, says the best gynaecologist in Mumbai Dr Neelima Mantri. She recommends preferring mild unscented soaps, breathable and dry loose fitting cotton underwear and refraining from self-diagnosis and medication as three simple steps to avoid Vulvitis.