How Does Diabetes Affect Pregnant Women?

0 21 June 2018
How Does Diabetes Affect Pregnant Women?

High blood sugar levels in pregnant women can cause birth defects and can also increase the chances of miscarriage. Let us now discuss elaborately how diabetes can affect a pregnant woman. It is important to consult a doctor as soon as you come to know that you are pregnant, as high blood glucose level during the early stages of pregnancy can have a negative bearing on the outcome on successful pregnancy. It is during the early period (2 to 4 weeks) that the baby gets affected due to high blood sugar level because it is during this period that the organs of the baby start forming, such as the head, heart and the lungs. There is always a chance of these organs being defective due to diabetes. Examples of such defects include defects in the heart, spine or the brains. There are many health problems that a pregnant woman can develop due to diabetes. Such problems include kidney disease and problems of the eye. Other health problems that a pregnant woman can develop include toxemia, which is a problem related to high blood pressure and excess proteins in the urine as a result of high level in blood sugar. These problems generally arise during the second half of the pregnancy and may become life threatening both to the mother as well as the baby. In mos

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Top 10 Gynaecologists in Mumbai

Dr. Neelima Mantri is well known gynaecologist and obstetrician in Mumbai. She has experience of over 10 years in her field. Her co-friendly nature, result oriented advice list her name under the list of top 10 gynaecologists Mumbai. She is expert in every gynaecological treatment as well as various surgeries such as removal of ovarian cyst, tubal ligation,, laparoscopy and many more. She is well educated MS- gynaecology , obstetrics and MBBS- obstetrician and gynaecologist. Dr. Neelima is hard working as well as honest and polite gynaecologist. Till she works on countless cases. To become a mother is gift from God. But sometime lack of advice and consultancy grab this chance. So , it’s must when you know that you are pregnant go to doctor and take proper consultancy. Dr. Mantri addresses your every problem and give comfortable and affordable treatment within your niche. She is always ready to answer her patient’s question. Since, she wins many awards and honours for her best performance. She treated you as a family member. The main vision of

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List of Best Gynecologist Mumbai

Here are list of Best Gynecologist Mumbai in which Dr. Neelima Mantri is listed at top. Dr. Neelima Mantri is Gynecology specialist in Mumbai. She is well known Gynecologist and obstetrician in Mumbai. She has a rich experience of over 10 years in her field. Because of her result oriented advices and co-friendly nature list her name under the list of top 10 gynecologists in Mumbai. As we all know that girls are more sensitive than boys. Behind this quote there are many physical factors which are responsible for the sensitivity of females. The major role of female’s life is pregnancy. Pregnancy is a situation in which a female gets ready to give birth to a child. A doctor who is specialist for pregnant women or delivery of a pregnant woman is called as Gynecologist. Gynecologist is a physician who has successfully competed specialized education and training in the health of female reproductive systems including the diagnosis and treatment of disorders and diseases. In many cases, there is a situation that females fails to give birth to a child that problem occurs due to some inner problems this condition is called as infertility.