Ovarian Germ Cell Tumor Treatment in Mumbai

0 21 January 2022
Ovarian Germ Cell Tumor Treatment in Mumbai

For germ cell tumors, the survival rate up to 5 years is around 90 per cent for teens. Tumors are a major problem all over the world. One important country struck by these tumors is India. One major tumor is the Ovarian Germ Cell Tumor, which can be effectively removed with the help of ovarian cyst laparoscopic surgery India performed by expert surgeons such as Dr. Neelima Mantri.

Meaning of Ovarian Germ Cell Tumor

Ovarian Germ Cell tumors is a disease caused in the reproductive organ in females. It is caused by the formation of harmful or cancerous cells in the ovary. These form around the egg cells. They affect the ovaries and reproductive cells and move further to other parts of the body. This disease usually affects girls and women. This disease can sometimes be not very serious, but sometimes it can turn into cancer. So, it is best to get it tested and avail treatment options as soon as possible. The ailment can be treated with surgery. Being the best laparoscopic surgeon in India, Dr. Neelima Mantri has helped multiple individuals suffering from this ailment effectively. Types Type 1 – Dysgerminoma Type 2 – Mature Teratoma Type 3 – Immature Ovarian Teratoma Type 4 – Endodermal Si

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Rectal Prolapse Surgery in Mumbai

Prolapse is when something slips out or falls out of its normal position in our body. Rectal prolapse is when the rectum or the last portion of the large intestine drops out of the anus. Although this sounds like a grave medical condition, it is not life-threatening. However, ignoring the condition of rectal prolapse is not wise. Rectal prolapse may affect your life and may be a cause of embarrassment in many cases. There can be three types of rectal prolapse. The three kinds of rectal prolapse are as follows:

  • Mucosal prolapse: This is a kind of rectal prolapse in which the rectal lining slips out of the anus.
  • External prolapse: This is a kind of rectal prolapse in which the entirety of the rectum sticks out of the anus.
  • Internal prolapse: This is the kind of rectal prolapse in which the rectum starts to slip off from its original position but does not stick out of the anus yet.

Symptoms of rectal prolapse: Rectal prolapse can have the following symptoms:

  • Feeling like something has slipped out of the body during bowel movements.
  • Visibility of red mass outside the anus.
  • Pain in the anal region.
  • Leakage of blood, mucus and stool from the anal region.

Diagnosis of rectal prolapse: Rectal prol

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Laparoscopic Hysterectomy Surgery Doctors in Mumbai | Dr Neelima Mantri

Uterus also refereed as the womb is a muscular reproductive organ that houses and nourishes the fertilized egg until the off-spring is ready to be delivered by the mother. It plays a central role in the female reproductive system and is aptly called the baby house since it is the home for the pre-delivered baby. However, it is also affected by the variety of gynaecological conditions that impact uterus where these conditions decrease the quality of life for women. Hysterectomy: Removal of Uterus In few cases getting the uterus removed could be the safest and most efficient way for a woman to reclaim the gynaecological health. Hysterectomy is the procedure that is performed by a gynaecologist to remove the uterus and improve the gynaecological health of women. Depending upon the medical condition suffered by a woman, there are many types of hysterectomy procedures are available based on the extent of uterus removal (Sometimes other reproductive parts are removed too) and also the type of surgical procedure adopted to remove the uterus. Abdominal hysterectomy is the most common and conservative form of hysterectomy surgery procedure available where an incision of about 7 to 10 inches is made near the abdominal area

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Best Gynaecologist & Laparoscopic Surgeon in Mumbai – Dr Neelima Mantri.

Over the last few years, there has been a steep increase in the gynaecological problems reported by women in India, especially in Mumbai. Given that the gynaecological problems are commonly faced across all age groups, the increase in the number of cases reported is an indication of an increase in awareness of sexual and reproductive health. A good chunk of years back and for that matter even today in rural and semi-urban parts of India, it can be hard to know what is normal and what is the sign or symptoms of a potential reproductive problem. Being one of the best gynaecologists & laparoscopic surgeons in Mumbai, Dr Neelima Mantri every day educates the patients and treats a variety of their gynaecological problems Though there has been a rise in awareness there is need to further increase the awareness to treat then quickly or even prevent them altogether. Signs that you need expert help from a gynaecologist in Mumbai: Since most of the gynaecological problems can be successfully solved and nipped in the bud it is important to know about the potential symptoms of these problems to make it easy for you to seek help from the best gynaec