Ovarian Germ Cell Tumor Treatment in Mumbai

Ovarian Germ Cell Tumor Treatment in Mumbai
0 21 January 2022
Ovarian Germ Cell Tumor Treatment in Mumbai

For germ cell tumors, the survival rate up to 5 years is around 90 per cent for teens. Tumors are a major problem all over the world. One important country struck by these tumors is India. One major tumor is the Ovarian Germ Cell Tumor, which can be effectively removed with the help of ovarian cyst laparoscopic surgery India performed by expert surgeons such as Dr. Neelima Mantri.

Meaning of Ovarian Germ Cell Tumor

Ovarian Germ Cell tumors is a disease caused in the reproductive organ in females. It is caused by the formation of harmful or cancerous cells in the ovary. These form around the egg cells. They affect the ovaries and reproductive cells and move further to other parts of the body.

This disease usually affects girls and women.

This disease can sometimes be not very serious, but sometimes it can turn into cancer. So, it is best to get it tested and avail treatment options as soon as possible. The ailment can be treated with surgery. Being the best laparoscopic surgeon in India, Dr. Neelima Mantri has helped multiple individuals suffering from this ailment effectively.


Type 1 – Dysgerminoma

Type 2 – Mature Teratoma

Type 3 – Immature Ovarian Teratoma

Type 4 – Endodermal Sinus Tumors

What are the Causes of Ovarian Germ Cell tumors?

There is no specific known cause. Some birth defects may lead to it. Usually, young women are affected by this tumor. Any person with ovaries can get affected by an Ovarian Germ Cell Tumor.

What are the Symptoms?

The symptoms of Ovarian Germ Cell Tumors include:

  • > Pain in the pelvic region
  • > Swelling of the abdomen
  • > Eating becomes difficult
  • > You feel nauseated
  • > Constipation
  • > Vagina starts bleeding
  • > Bleeding even after menopause

What are the Treatment options available for Ovarian Germ Cell Tumors?

When the Ovarian germ cell Tumor becomes cancerous the treatment used is chemotherapy. Chemotherapy and drugs try to kill the cancer cells or stop them from increasing.

Another treatment that can be used is surgery. In surgery, the affected part or ovary or fallopian tube is removed so as to prevent it from spreading. Such surgeries can be performed using methods like laparoscopic surgery. These are best performed by a professional laparoscopic surgeon Mumbai like Dr Neelima Mantri.

Prevention of Ovarian Germ Cell Tumors

To prevent being affected by such tumors, regular checkups are essential. They will inform you of any wrong activity in the body and will help you treat it in the early stages and prevent further complications.

Usually, after treatment, this tumor doesn’t grow back. Fertility-saving treatments can also enable the woman to become pregnant after the treatment of the tumor.

Dr. Neelima Mantri is a gynaecologist, obstetrician and laparoscopic surgeon mumbai. She has immense experience and is highly trained.

Services provided by her include: antenatal care, high-risk pregnancy, normal delivery, painless labour, postpartum services, screening tests, complex obstetrics etc.

She is one of the best ovarian cyst surgeons in Mumbai. Be sure to get in touch with such experts to avail more information about this topic.

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