How to Recover from a C-section

How to Recover from a C-section
0 11 March 2019
How to Recover from a C-section

Motherhood is a beautiful and fulfilling phase where the new mothers are anxious and excited in welcoming their new born and taking care of them. Some mothers will be also busy in thinking of shedding their weight after pregnancy. Having a baby can be a strainful experience to your body, especially if you are opting for a c- section delivery. Vaginal delivery is easier to recover when compared to C-section.

The practice of tying a belt post pregnancy is believed to help in tightening the muscles, reduces the swelling and also helps in supporting the back. This belt can Support your abdomen as it won’t contract immediately after delivery naturally. There are different types of binds available to use such as wraps which are made out of cloth which can be used immediately after delivery, belts or splints which can be adjustable so as to increase or loosen the tightness in the abdomen.

If it is a normal delivery, the mother can use binds within few hours post delivery. If it is a c-section, the doctor may recommend you to use binds only after the wound is healed which may take around six to eight weeks. It is advisable to use binds only after speaking your gynecologist regarding the same. Such belts can help in reducing tummy fat, to enhance your posture, toning tummy muscles and in back support and back pain reduction.

Let’s find out certain tips to recover faster from a c-section:

  • Get a lot of rest: C-section is a major surgery just like any other surgery. Your body requires a complete six weeks rest to heal well. Usually the women are advised to rest whenever the baby sleeps. You can ask your dear and near ones for help at times so that you will get your much needed rest
  • Take extra care of your body: Take extra care of your body in the initial days when your body starts healing. It would take you up to 8 weeks for you to start over with your regular and normal routines. Check with your doctor on when you can start exercising, start driving and go back to your work
  • Relieve your pain: Consume painkillers and other medications as prescribed by your doctor. A heating pad can be used to relieve further pain
  • Eat and drink well: have lots of nutritious food and water which is good for your health and would help you in faster recovery
  • Go for routine checkups: You would ave to visit your doctor for routine checkups. If you experience anything abnormal like increased vaginal bleeding, chest pain or any other issues, immediately visit your doctor to help it resolve