Natural Pregnancy Cures: Back, Pelvis, and Hip Pain

Natural Pregnancy Cures: Back, Pelvis, and Hip Pain
0 8 April 2021
Natural Pregnancy Cures: Back, Pelvis, and Hip Pain

Pregnancy is special and beautiful. But the struggle of bringing a child on the Earth is massive. While family and friends celebrate when they see the baby bump, the mother may suffer from pain and discomfort. During pregnancy, some health difficulties are quite natural yet hard to bear with.

The best gynecologist in India has suggestions for pregnant women who are enduring natural pregnancy problems. The most common side-effect of pregnancy is a pain in various body parts, especially in the back, pelvic area, and hip. Let us look into the advice of the top Gynecologist in Mumbai to cure the common pregnancy problems.

  • Back pain

Back pain is a very common problem among most would-be mothers. Therefore, doctors always suggest women strengthening their backs before they try to get pregnant. Regular exercise suffices to keep the back healthy. Yoga, swimming, cycling, walking, and sitting straight can help women to make their backs strong.

As the baby grows in the womb, the body becomes heavier naturally changing the body posture of the mother. This makes the back muscles fatigued. The weight gain also often causes pain and fatigue in the neck and shoulder.

The back pain can be cured by regular massages in the back muscles and usage of a hot-water bag. Also, prenatal yoga and daily mild exercises maintain good back health. Also, sitting straight and maintaining a good posture is necessary.

Wearing heels and lifting heavy weights should be strictly avoided during pregnancy.

  • Pelvic pain

Your pelvic bone is most likely to soften during pregnancy due to the weight gain and release of relaxin that exerts pressure on the joints causing pain. You may also suffer from soreness and swelling depending on the position of the baby.

For comfort and relief from pelvic pain, you can take a long warm water bath in a bathtub. The pregnant woman would need to exercise a bit as well for muscle and joint relaxation. Sitting posture has to be comfortable.

In extreme situations, a binder is used to support the pelvic area. If it doesn’t work, a walker is suggested to put up the weight on it instead of the pelvic area.

Pregnant women need to stay careful while using the stairs. Also, carrying heavy weights is strictly prohibited.

  • Hip pain

The pregnancy hormone relaxin loosens the ligaments that attach the back with the pelvis. This is important for the birthing process but causes hip pain. This happens as the uterus weight is exerted on the flexed joints and bones.

The way out is to keep the body straight while sleeping by putting a pillow on the back and between knees to relax. Yoga and pilates also strengthen joints and muscles. Warm water baths and hot bags help give comfort too.

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