Female Gynaecologist And Laparoscopic Surgeon In Mumbai

Female Gynaecologist And Laparoscopic Surgeon In Mumbai
0 27 January 2019
Female Gynaecologist And Laparoscopic Surgeon In Mumbai

You are a healthy woman who is not looking forward to have kids soon. Your reproductive health seems to be fine as you undergo annual complete health checkups with general physician. But there are certain tests like Pap smear, treating infections etc. which is limited and only specialized by a gynecologist.

Being woman’s health specialists, gynecologists can tackle more complicated issues related to woman’s health. Obstetrics is a branch of medicine where medical and surgical care is provided to a woman before, during and after giving birth.

Are you looking for the Best Gynecologist in Mumbai?

Your search ends here as Dr Neelima Mantri is one of the Top Gynecologist Obstetricians In Navi Mumbai. Most women would be more comfortable to discuss their issues with a Female Gynecologist rather than a male gynecologist.

Doctors, especially gynecologists, mainly concentrate on four areas when it comes to female reproductive issues

  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • Management
  • Prevention

Gynecologists can help you in treating many conditions such as endometriosis, urinary incontinence, breast disorders, hormonal disorders, infertility and pelvic pain to mention a few. Even Though you feel healthy and is not experiencing any reproductive issue, it is better to always have an annual preventive check up once in a year. The doctor may conduct tests, evaluations, pelvic examinations and additional tests or screenings depending on your age and health condition.

Also, it’s best to visit a gynecologist when there are changes in your reproductive cycle such as your first period, pregnancy, perimenopause and menopause. You can also visit a gynecologist if you need safe sex tips, discuss regarding birth control, contraception or sterilization, abnormal vaginal discharge, treating and preventing pain during intercourse and for many other related issues.

Dr Neelima Mantri can clarify all your doubts regarding these issues, guide you during treatment and recovery process and can help you in getting your annual checkups done with accuracy and ease. She can also guide you if you wish to conceive or in preparing your body to conceive. She can guide you in

  • Planning for pregnancy
  • Prenatal care
  • Treating infertility
  • Advice on diet
  • Labour and Birthing options
  • Genetic screenings and tests
  • Advice on breastfeeding
  • Tackling postpartum depression

Dr Neelima Mantri can also help women handle issues like tips to ease cramps during periods, abnormal or irregular bleeding, mood swings, fibroids and cysts, problems related to pelvic support and advice regarding premenstrual syndrome. She can also address to issues faced by women who go through menopause such as vaginal dryness, hot flashes, urinary incontinence, bone loss, low libido and hormone replacement therapy.

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