Best Gynaecologist in Mumbai for Pregnancy | Types of Delivery

Best Gynaecologist in Mumbai for Pregnancy | Types of Delivery
0 6 November 2020
Best Gynaecologist in Mumbai for Pregnancy | Types of Delivery

Pregnancy is a significant and memorable journey for every woman and surely it is always a challenging one. Though there is a certain common timeline for the pregnancy, from early signs to symptoms in each stage to the delivery procedures, every journey can be different and unique in its own way.

Especially during the delivery variety of procedures that come to rescue for safe and secure delivery. Being one of the best maternity doctors in Mumbai, Dr Neelima Mantri has helped hundreds of pregnant with a variety of delivery procedures based on their specific condition. If you are pregnant it is a good idea to get to know about the delivery procedures and in this blog, we are going to give help you with the same.

Here is the list of different assisted delivery procedures that may take place during your labour: 


An episiotomy is an assisted delivery procedure where a surgical incision is made in the area between anus and vagina to enlarge the vaginal opening and make it the passage of the baby’s head easy. This procedure decreases the risk of tearing of mother’s skin. An episiotomy is a special procedure that is reserved for special situations, most women may not be needing one.

Induced labour:

In situations where the mother suffers from medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, ruptured membranes and past pregnancy problems, the labour may have to be induced manually using safe, synthetic drugs.

Vacuum extraction:

Vacuum extraction is an assisted delivery procedure where the health care professional applies a vacuum using a cup to the baby’s head. The applied vacuum when aligned with the push of the mother helps in guiding the baby out of the birth canal. Though vacuum extraction does help to improve the chances of safe and secured delivery it does come with potential risks and gynaecologist in Mumbai recommends the procedure only after safely gauging the risks and complications.

Forceps delivery:

Forceps method is an assisted delivery procedure that may be recommended by the gynaecologist during the second stage of labour when the labour is not progressing as expected. Forceps which look like two large spoons are inserted into the vagina around the baby’s guide it out of the birth canal. If the forceps method doesn’t yield results caesarean section is recommended for successful delivery.

Caesarean section:

One of the most common and popular assisted delivery procedures, Caesarean section is used to deliver the baby by making surgical incisions near the abdomen and uterus. C-section is resorted by a gynaecologist in Mumbai when the baby’s head is too big to pass through the birth canal or in cases of multiple pregnancies or even during conditions like delayed labour, compressed or prolapsed cord.

The above five procedures are the most common assisted delivery procedures used to induce successful pregnancy in women by Dr Neelima Mantri ,one of the best gynaecologist doctors in Mumbai at her clinic. If you are a pregnant woman who needs more information on above procedures or looking for help with you pregnancy journey Dr Neelima Mantri is the best gynaecologist in India with an excellent track record in maternity treatment and delivery procedures. You can contact her here:

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