5 Things You Should Know About Sex During Pregnancy

5 Things You Should Know About Sex During Pregnancy
0 14 December 2017

You probably might think that you know everything about sex by the time you are pregnant. But you may have landed up with several queries and doubts on Sex During Pregnancy.

Here we have curated some basic doubts and given a solution. So keep your baseless fears aside and have fun with the partner, spending more time with your spouse makes you even more happy and it is good for the baby.

Might not or really be in a mood: It’s obvious for a woman to experience changes in sex drive during pregnancy. Remember that your wife’s body is building a baby from scratch and it takes a lot of energy. The extra doses of progesterone supply to her blood makes her sleepy and tired all the time. Don’t offend her just because she is not active.

Likewise, don’t be surprised the times when she is really in mood than ever before and wanted “that time” back on the bed. She is super active in sex because of the same hormones which increases the blood flow and making her ready for it. Even scented perfumes, after shave lotions can drive her crazy.

You won’t hurt your baby: The tot is well protected inside the mother’s fluid-filled amniotic sac. Thanks to those protectors! So do not worry that your baby will be hurt while you are busy enjoying the pleasure. Woman’s vagina stretches out during sex and it is safe under normal circumstances. Even a deep intercourse will not harm your baby unless both the partners are comfortable and willing to. Make your husband understand that he is not going to poke the baby and it is completely doing well.

Be Creative: That is a challenge to be faced by the man. Some of your favourite positions may not be comfortable for the lady. This is where the husband needs to be patient and creative in experimenting new positions at her comfort level. After 15-20 weeks of pregnancy, it is not advisable to continue in the classic missionary positions, which leads a dangerous drop in blood pressure. Encourage her on your top where she can control the pace and pressure. Only mantra to have an active sex life throughout nine months, is only through communication with your partner.

Use protection: Protection is not just for unwanted pregnancies, but also avoids sexually transmitted diseases. As vaginal infections and STDs are major concerns during pregnancy, intercourse without protection is strictly not recommended even there is no fear of an unwanted pregnancy.

When not to have sex: Partners can have an active sex till the water breaks, because the baby is inside a safe layer of amniotic fluid. In some cases, doctors ask the parents to stop doing sex or avoid it for a while. Here’s when you need you avoid having sex during pregnancy.

  • Premature Labor
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • When the placenta covers the opening in the mother’s cervix
  • When the water broke – It is not safe because anything foreign can cause infections to the unborn.

Sex drive during pregnancy is different from woman to woman and it is absolutely fine to communicate the situation with your partner. Do not hesitate to consult a good specialist if you have encountered any abnormalities, one of the top laparoscopic surgery doctors and Gynaecologists in Mumbai is Dr Neelima Mantri.