What Is Sling Surgery?

What Is Sling Surgery?
0 16 July 2021
What Is Sling Surgery?

It is common for women nowadays to experience an overactive bladder which might be a huge problem for them. They might be suffering from symptoms of stress urinary incontinence and if a person needs a permanent solution to this problem of theirs, they might opt to go for sling surgery for bladder problemsKeep reading to know what it is and what the procedures are.

What is sling surgery? 

Sling surgery is quite a common surgery that doctors perform on patients who might be suffering from a urinary stress inconsistency. It is also known as a urethral sling surgery and a mid-urethral sling surgery. A person can easily come to know that they are suffering from it if little actions like coughing, lifting something, laughing, or sneezing puts pressure on their bladder which makes them pee a little bit.

In this surgery, a sling is placed around the urethra of a woman which helps in lifting it back to its normal position. This helps in removing the pressure on it while doing any activity and this in return, stops the unwanted pee after every action. The sling is like a hammock that supports the urethra which helps in preventing leaks.

The sling which is used in the surgery can be made out of muscle, ligament, or tendon tissue taken from the woman’s body or it might be made up of a synthetic material like plastic which can easily be compatible with the tissues of the body. It can also be made up of absorbable polymer that might disintegrate after some time.

What is the procedure of sling surgery? 

Various types of surgeries can be used on patients but a good doctor will be able to suggest the best sling surgery based on various factors. However, the sling procedure is more or less the same for every type. A doctor will use the required material to create a kind of hammock or sling. This will be created under the tube that helps in carrying urine from a person’s bladder. Or, the doctor might create it in the area of the muscle which is thickened where the urethra is connected to the bladder.

The sling acts like a hammock and it supports the urethra and helps in keeping it closed which prevents a person from peeing a little after coughing, sneezing, laughing, or lifting anything. However, before going for any surgery, every person needs to know the risks and results of the surgery elaborately from the surgeon who will be performing the surgery on them for their benefit.

So this is how a sling surgery is performed. A professional and experienced surgeon is needed for this so if a person living in Mumbai needs sling surgery, they are advised to contact Dr Neelima Mantri who is currently the best female Gynaecologist in MumbaiShe is the best doctor who can perform this surgery. Consult professionals today to avail more information about this topic.