Vaginal Odor Symptoms and Treatment in Mumbai

Vaginal Odor Symptoms and Treatment in Mumbai
0 18 February 2022
Vaginal Odor Symptoms and Treatment in Mumbai

Generally, vaginas have natural odors that vary from one woman to another. The natural odor is often considered to smell nothing but flesh-like, something which hardly has a smell. But sometimes due to physical reasons a vagina can smell strongly and slightly different from the natural odour.

Vaginal Odor Causes and Symptoms –

Though there is no other way of telling if a person has a strong vaginal odour except when a person comes too close to it and smells it. But there are some signs and symptoms that may indicate that you may have a slightly different vaginal odour than what is natural. The symptoms are –

  • Vaginal itching – irritation and itching in the vagina can be because of many reasons. But mostly it means yeast infections or other vaginal infections caused by the overgrowth of bacterial vaginosis. It is an ingrown bacterium that is most active in a woman’s reproductive years. Too much of it may upset a woman’s pH level and can give her a different vaginal odour.

Vaginal itching can be also because of poor vaginal hygiene. Sometimes excessive use of soap or unnatural cosmetics down there can also give you vaginal itching.

  • Vaginal discharge – now vaginal discharge means when your vagina discharges fluid from your vaginal opening. Vaginal discharge is produced so that your vagina can self-cleanse. A normal amount of vaginal discharge is not that thick or smells bad.

A woman has more vaginal discharge in her ovulation period or during sexual arousal. It is completely normal to produce thicker discharge these times. but if normally, every time, your discharge is thick and more than expected, it can be a sign of a vaginal anomaly – which in turn may give you an unpleasant odour down there.

  • Poor hygiene – this may be the most common of all the causes. Though the vagina is self-cleansing, a woman needs to take regular showers, keep her groin area clean, give fresh splashes of water on the inner surface of the vagina, and make sure to wash it with water after urinating. These are the basics one can do to maintain hygiene in the vagina. Good hygiene down there minimizes the chances of vaginal odour.
  • Diet – it is known that your vagina smell can largely depend on what kind of diet you intake. It is right to say that the smell of your food may have a similarity with how your vagina smells.

No matter what reason or symptom one must not decide things on her own and try to treat her vaginal-related issues. One must see a clinic that has good female gynaecology with the best gynaecologist & obstetrician available.

Treatments –

  • Maintain a good vaginal hygiene
  • Take prescribed medications to keep a check on bacterial infection in the vagina
  • Use condoms to prevent STIs – which can also be a cause of the vaginal odour
  • Try to change your underwear daily
  • Don’t use artificial or cosmetic products in your vagina, this may lead to vaginal irritation and infection
  • Cotton underwears are the best for vaginas, try to avoid other materials
  • If you think your diet is affecting your vaginal odour, try to make changes and avoid smelly foods like garlic, or any meat / fish-based foods

Lastly, it is important to keep your vagina’s health in mind. It is better to be cautious than sorry when it comes to your delicate part of the body. So, it is also necessary that you see the best doctor for your problem. Dr Neelima Mantri gynaecologist is the best gynaecologist in Mumbai that anyone can appoint.