Vaginal Laxity: What You Need To Know

Vaginal Laxity: What You Need To Know
0 21 June 2022
Vaginal Laxity: What You Need To Know

Women’s bodies are home to new lives and roller-coaster rides for all dancing hormones. Throughout their life, a woman’s body goes through lots of changes, which directly or indirectly affect her libido and sexual pleasure.

One of the most drastic events for the body and psyche is being pregnant, carrying the life for nine months, delivering the same life, and the tornado of emotions with all the stress of being a mum takes a toll on the woman’s body. In this progressive era, the aftermath of delivery is still overshadowed by the ‘happiness of being a mum’.

The concept of ‘VAGINAL LAXITY’, is experienced by all the new mothers after delivering their babies. Vaginal laxity, which is commonly abbreviated as VL is caused mostly due to pregnancy and vaginal birth, it is generally associated with vaginal looseness which leads to the loss of sensation in the vagina during intercourse or causes obstacles to healthy and satisfactory sexual relationships.

Understanding Vaginal Laxity

Vaginal laxity is as common as mass love for pizzas, but the catch here is love for pizzas is well known and well talked about, and on the other hand vaginal laxity is an underlying issue that is common among the world of new bee mums, however not talked about. Despite how common it is, females still are shy about VL. Instead of consulting the ob-gyn, most females choose to suffer from this dense condition in silence.

The walls of the vagina are made up of fibrous materials and collagen which is firmly responsible for the elasticity, flexibility, and strength of the pelvic floor. While delivering the baby, the process puts immense stress on the vaginal walls, all the contractions, pushing, and delivering the whole baby make the vaginal walls tired and drained out. This stress results in the loss of sensation down there.

Causes and Effects of Vaginal Laxity

Vaginal Laxity is commonly associated with childbirth, Vaginal laxity can be the result of aging and menopause, weight fluctuations, and other underlying reasons.

  • Vaginal birth of a child.
  • Decreased estrogen levels due to menopause.
  • Natural aging.
  • Genetics, responsible for the structure of the vagina.

Vaginal laxity doesn’t only affect the horizons of sexual pleasures, but it also ruins the self-esteem of women and does have the capability of building up frustration. Sexual relationships can be an integral part of a marriage, and it might lead to major obstacles during intercourse. Insufficient lubrication may lead to painful sex, decreased sexual satisfaction, loss of confidence, and leads to severe self-esteem issues.

Treatments for Vaginal Laxity

  • Kegel Exercises

Mild vaginal laxity can be treated with Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises are specifically designed for strengthening the pelvic floor. Kegel exercises can help to reduce the looseness of the vagina after childbirth. Unfortunately, kegel exercises are not capable of dealing with the actual and heightened form of vaginal laxity the reason being they don’t address and focus on vaginal tissues.

  • Vaginoplasty Surgery and Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginoplasty surgery is a surgical procedure that focuses on tightening the vaginal muscles and considering the rebuilding of vaginal walls. The end result of vaginoplasty surgery is the tighten vaginal walls which enhances the sensation in vaginal areas.

Vagina; Rejuvenation is the laser procedure that subtly ablates the weakened vaginal muscles promoting the growth of natural fibrin and collagen production. This is a perfect option for women looking for effective results and wishes to avoid the horrors of vaginoplasty surgeries.

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