How to Prevent Obesity and Diabetes in Pregnancy

How to Prevent Obesity and Diabetes in Pregnancy
0 12 June 2018
How to Prevent Obesity and Diabetes in Pregnancy

According to the studies carried out in the past and in recent times, obesity in pregnant women has been proven to be a cause for Gestational Diabetes. With the increase of weight and BDM, pregnant women are found to carry higher risk of diabetes. Excess maternal weight is found to be a major cause of diabetes among pregnant women, and in certain cases also causing the baby to be carrying the dreadful disease. If not addressed in time, diabetes may sometimes prove to be fatal for both the mother and the baby. So, what can we do to prevent obesity and diabetes in pregnancy? Exercise and simply exercise can be the only remedy.

Recent studies have revealed that even small changes in the body mass weight can help to reduce the risk of gestational diabetes to a great extent. This can be achieved through exercise and physical activities on a regular basis. Retention of weight can also be achieved by following a healthy lifestyle. A healthy diet plan, excluding comfort food and plenty of water can reduce the risk of increased blood pressure and the BDM.

The types of exercises recommended for pregnant women include moderate intensity treadmill walking for about half an hour and strength training exercises for about 20 minutes. These exercises should be done on a regular basis and record kept on the amount of loss in body weight. The best strength training exercises include, goblet squat, push-up, dumbbell row, lateral squat, hip extension and pall of press.

Other exercises which can help to reduce obesity of women during pregnancy are:

  1. Stationary cycling
  2. Swimming
  3. Pelvic tilts
  4. Yoga

These exercises not only help you to maintain a standard weight, but also help you to prepare for labor. Walking and aerobics can also help in losing weight and thereby reduce the risk of gestational diabetes. These exercises can also help to reduce the risk of miscarriage and make both the mother and the baby healthy. Although doctors recommend that trying to lose weight during the later stages of pregnancy is not good, starting exercises of low intensity from the early period of pregnancy can help to gain control of obesity. Exercise together with a healthy diet plan can help pregnant women to stay in proper shape and thus prevent gestational diabetes.

It is also recommended to get the advise of a doctor or a physical instructor while carrying out exercises. Dr Neelima Mantri is the best lady doctor in Mumbai with experience in helping the patients deal with their health issues like obesity and  diabetics.

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