Pregnancy in Diabetes: 4 Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Pregnancy in Diabetes: 4 Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered
0 16 July 2020
Pregnancy in Diabetes: 4 Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered

The total journey of the pregnancy and birth experience of diabetic mothers could be different as compared to others, but with the right medical help, diligent self-care, a healthy pregnancy is a certainty.

If you are a diabetic woman looking to conceive you must know all the necessary information beforehand as you embark on your journey. Mumbai’s best female gynaecologist and laparoscopic surgeon, Dr. Neelima Mantri has helped hundreds of diabetic mothers with their pregnancy. Over the years we get plenty of questions regarding pregnancy, and this article aims to provide you essential information for these frequently asked questions about diabetes and pregnancy. So, read on:

How does pregnancy affect my diabetes?

Hormonal and other physical changes in the woman’s body during pregnancy can significantly impact the blood glucose levels. So from eating habits, medicine requirements to exercise, and physical activity routines, change in diabetic management plans is needed. As a woman gets closer to her delivery date, further change in management in again needed according to the medical status and health. As soon as you decide to have a baby it is important to consult a gynaecologist to chart out your diabetes management plan during the pregnancy.

How can I prepare for pregnancy?

Women with diabetes who are actively trying to conceive have to make sure that their blood sugar levels are normal for some time before conception. Smoking, alcohol consumption must be completely avoided, and as you conceive it is even more important to maintain normal blood glucose levels by following a well-balanced diet plan, physical activity routine, medication, and regular check-ups. A gynaecologist can recommend a slew of tests to assess the health of nerves, blood vessels, thyroid, and eyes before evaluating the possibility of a healthy pregnancy.

Does having diabetes make C-section mandatory for me?

Rates of C-section for delivery have always been higher among diabetic women, but that doesn’t mean C-section is the only way out for the delivery. A C-section is also advised for normal women, for obstetric reasons like the wrong location of the placenta, the position of the baby, and the size of the baby. A doctor advises C-section only when the evaluation suggests risk with vaginal delivery which can be caused by a multitude of reasons.

Does having diabetes increases the chance of diabetes for a baby?

In general, it is estimated that the babies of mothers with diabetes type-1 run a 2-3 % risk of developing diabetes before they reach age 20. But remember that the baby of normal mother too can have a 1% chance of developing diabetes which makes it a close case. As for kids of mothers with diabetes type 2, they run a risk of developing diabetes later in life. However, by adopting healthy habits and making healthy lifestyle choices the risk of diabetes can be significantly reduced making it on par with normal kids.

That said, to be mothers must remember that with increased awareness and advanced treatment options and medical care available, Diabetes is no longer the dreaded medical condition it used to a few decades ago. However, every step in the pregnancy process of diabetes mothers must be closely monitored with the utmost care and hence it is very important to consult a right gynaecologist who can help you during the process. If you are living in Mumbai and are looking for help with your pregnancy, Dr, Neelima Mantri is the Best Lady Gynaecologist in Mumbai with a remarkable track record in helping diabetic mothers complete their pregnancy journey with flying colours. You can contact her here: