What Exercises Are Safe in the First Trimester?

What Exercises Are Safe in the First Trimester?
0 16 October 2017
What Exercises Are Safe in the First Trimester?

Gone are the days when a would-be mom asked to sit, eat and avoid doing activities. Now all the myths have busted, engaging in physical activities is utmost important for mama and the baby. On the guidance of fitness experts, the workout plan should be tailored according to the type of exercise, intensity, frequency and duration.

Dr. Neelima Mantri, Female Gynaecologist in Mumbai, advises that a mom-to-be should exercise, hence, it reduces high risks during labour and post pregnancy. It is common to have discomforts like morning sickness, vomiting, but moving around is one of the best things for mummy and her little one. It helps you to control pregnancy weight gain and keep you in good mood all the time.

Here are some of the best moves to be done during first trimester.

To Plank: The first few months are fragile and feels scary for everything and anything. But it is proved that pregnant lady can and should still work out. Planks target abdominals which cuts the aches and pains. Do not go with the hard-core plank positions, start with a modified and the easiest on the hands and knees.

One-Arm Row: Place left knee on sturdy chair and another on the floor. Place your left hand on the seat for a support. Lift weight (not heavy) with the right hand, keep moving back and forth to strengthen back, biceps and triceps.

Pilates: It is one of the safest exercises performed during first trimester. Stand with hip distant apart, bend toes and knees to 45oC, lower your torso while keeping your back straight. It helps you in balancing and strengthens pelvic muscle.

Cardio: If you are already in regular cardio work out, reduce the intensity and duration. Outdoor walking or on a stationary bike are either safe in first trimester. Walk at a speed of your comfort; a 5-minute break is important at equal intervals of sessions.

Prenatal yoga is the phrase which is heard these days by obstetricians and gynaecologists. But yoga experts say not to practice poses in the first trimester; stick to breathing, relaxation and simple yoga exercise during pregnancy. As a coin has both the sides, there are some aasanas which are unsafe for pregnancies; breathing exercises which involve holding, taking short and forceful breathes, strong stenches, lying on the tummy are not recommended.

What not to Do?

  1. Don’t overdo it, work out for 30 minutes in a day.
  2. Don’t go to a point of exhaustion, stop it at the moment when the head feels heavy and dizzy. Ask your family member to have a conversation with you.
  3. Do not lift heavy weights how much ever a great builder you are.
  4. Avoid either hot or extreme cold environment during exercising.
  5. Avoid exercising by lying on your back, it reduces blood pump to the heart on pressuring the uterus. It is advised even not to sleep in the position and to use pillows behind the back during pregnancy.

In the bottom-line, it is unsafe to remain motionless at one place and active moving is necessary during first trimester.