Itching During Pregnancy: Causes, Home Remedies

Itching During Pregnancy: Causes, Home Remedies
0 21 August 2017
Itching During Pregnancy: Causes, Home Remedies

In the process of having a baby on board transforms your body in every way – from head to toe. Pregnancy comes with many wonderful symptoms as well as weird. Spotting, miscarriage and swelling of feet are well known difficulties during pregnancy. But there are other less common disorders that may be harmful to the mother and the unborn. If it is the case, consult any of the Mumbai’s best gynecologist as early as possible.

One of those rare complications is itchiness. Is it driving you mad? Not to worry, you are not alone, mild itching is common during pregnancy and there are reasons for it.

Blood flow

What’s going on – During the early stages of pregnancy, i.e.; up to 6 months, the itchiness is very normal. This is due to increased flow of blood and as the tummy grows bigger and bigger, the skin becomes dry and stretches out consequently to accommodate the baby.

What to doThere are no specially followed remedies as the symptoms are very common, but maintain healthy diet and light exercise once a day. As the belly blows, wear loose clothes and apply skin moisturizers, cocoa butter to maintain the regularity. Try avoiding harsh soaps which reduces the natural oils of the body.


What’s going on – Just like we blame hormones for even a simple transformation in our body. But if you already have eczema (condition that causes the skin to be inflammable and irritated), may become worse during the term of pregnancy.

What to do – Stay out of any fragranced solutions and use skincare products which are especially made for pregnant women.

Extreme Itching

What’s going on – In medical terms, Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy (ICP) or obstetric cholestasis, jaundice of pregnancy is a condition when the liver is affected, happens for one in every 140 women. The ability of liver to transport chemicals will be damaged, so that they built up under the skin and causes terrible itching. Severe itching in the hands and feet is the symptom for ICP which is fatal for the unborn babies. Other signs for ICP are dark-colored urine, light-colored bowel movements, yellow eyes or skin, small and itchy bumps on skin. It is a very rare problem and also potentially serious condition which occurs in third trimester. The lady should be continuously monitored by her doctor as it increases the complications while labor.

What to do – Mums-to-be must not left untreated during this condition. Firstly, it is to be confirmed with concerned medical tests whether the lady is affected by ICP or not. If it is diagnosed, consult the gynecologist and take prescribed medicines and lotions. The terrible itchiness can also be treated with natural ways. Taking a warm bath or applying ice areas also eases the itch. It is recommended to take Vitamin K capsules, on a doctor’s consultation, though.

In the whole, to prevent any skin problems during pregnancy is to drink eight glasses of water in a day, use gentle cleansers. Most of the complications fade out themselves in a month after conceiving, if you develop persistent problems, don’t hesitate to consult Mumbai’s best gynecologist.