How to Get a Better Sleep During Pregnancy

How to Get a Better Sleep During Pregnancy
0 4 April 2019
How to Get a Better Sleep During Pregnancy

Sleep deprivation is the most common complaint reported by men as soon as the baby arrives in their lives. Ever wondered why most of the sleep deprivation complaints are from men? Well, that is because a woman is already habituated with sleep problems during their pregnancy. In fact according to a 2017 study concluded that almost 80% of the women face sleep problems during their pregnancy, especially during the final trimester.

Why do sleep problems occur in women during pregnancy?

Frequent urination during the first trimester can disrupt your sleep and then add the anxiety of newbie mother to the mix, a woman in first-trimester is bound to experience moderate sleep disruptions. With the baby slightly moving up, night urination becomes less frequent and things do become better in the second trimester. However, growing belly in the third trimester puts pressure on the bladder resulting in an increase in the frequency of urination and also adds to the discomfort during the sleep. With the addition of other problems like cramps, heartburn, back pain, and stress, the third trimester becomes the most difficult period for pregnant women.

Almost every woman go through the sleep problems above, but here are a few simple tips that can help them minimize the sleep disturbances and have a good sleep in between:

Limit napping:

The first trimester brings on the daytime sleepiness increasing the frequency of napping which can be detrimental for your night sleep. You can limit your napping by strategizing it i.e. planning it at the tight time which is between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. which can help you relax without having to stay wide awake during the night.

Avoid overeating before your sleep:

Too much food before you sleep can push your stomach to go full throttle to digest the food which can disrupt your sleep in the night. Going too light can wake up your hunger pangs waking you up in the middle of the night. So just eat the right amounts and avoid taking too much caffeine.

Buy a lot of pillows:

As you enter your third trimester you will need a lot of cushion support to offset the discomfort caused by the growing belly. The pillows can help a lot in fixing these posture problems to help you have a better sleep.

Lead an active day life:

The option of staying active are pretty much limited, so low impact exercising is the perfect way to lead an active life during pregnancy. Exercise not only improves the circulation but also preps your body for a good night sleep. Low impact activities like walking, yoga swimming are the best bet for pregnant women to stay active and fit. But make sure you have at least 4 hours between your sleep and workout.

Follow a relaxing sleep routine in the night:

The first step to develop a healthy sleep routine is to limit the blue light that is emitted by electronic devices. This blue light negatively impacts your ability to fall asleep by increasing your attention and prolonging your device usage. So turn off the devices at least an hour before close your eyes to sleep. Having a warm bath can loosen the tight neck and shoulders, improves the blood circulation to have a good night sleep. Develop a night routine and stick with it.

Having said that, the most important tip to have a healthy sleep is to avoid anxiety and overthinking that comes with being pregnant. Meditation can help you a lot reducing your nervousness and places you in a good space to have a stress-free sleep. Your doctor can take you through the nitty-gritty of beating stress to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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