Fatigue During Pregnancy: Causes How to Fight Exhaustion

Fatigue During Pregnancy: Causes How to Fight Exhaustion
0 26 December 2022
Fatigue During Pregnancy: Causes How to Fight Exhaustion

Pregnancy had to be the most exhaustive phase that every woman goes through in their life. Especially during the first 12 weeks and last 6, the changes brought by the body will trigger tiredness that was never felt before.

It is natural to assume that something is wrong when they feel extremely tired. So naturally, tiredness and fatigue are the most common complaints we receive at our clinic in Mumbai. And we have created this blog to address the common concerns and douse the fear of fire in pregnant women. Read on to know complete information about fatigue during pregnancy – its causes and way to mitigate and fight it.

What causes fatigue and exhaustion during pregnancy?

While fatigue is common during the entirety of the pregnancy, it is more prominent during the first and third trimesters and mild during the second trimester. The cause of exhaustion and fatigue is as follows:

  1. Causes for fatigue during the first trimester of pregnancy: During the first trimester, the body increases the production of blood to ensure the transportation of more nutrients to the baby. Blood sugars and blood pressure lower, and progesterone levels increase too. These hormonal, physiological, physical and emotional changes do dissipate energy resulting in tiredness and fatigue.
  2. Causes for fatigue during the first trimester of pregnancy: The body gets used to the above changes and as a result, one can notice an improvement in energy levels. In the majority of cases, this trimester is far better than the first and it is even considered a happy trimester since the third trimester causes a decline in energy levels. “Increased tiredness as compared to the first trimester is rare in the second trimester. If that is the case there could be an inherent reason which must be investigated as soon as possible”, says the best gynaecologist in Mumbai, Dr Neelima Mantri.
  3. Causes for fatigue during the first trimester of pregnancy: Extra weight, frequent urination, and troubled sleep are three major reasons for exhaustion for women in the third trimester. They are at their weakest-self carrying extra weight with inadequate rest resulting in tiredness and fatigue which could be detrimental if not treated, according to female gynaecologist Dr Neelima Mantri.

How to fight fatigue and tiredness during pregnancy?

Every pregnant woman experiences increase tiredness and fatigue during pregnancy. But not every one of them adheres to best practices to mitigate them. If you are a pregnant woman we would suggest to below practices to improve your energy levels and cut down the fatigue.

Rest: The most common advice that is given but not followed. Get to bed earlier, take naps in the afternoon, and avoid fluid just before bed to avoid trips to the washroom. Always prioritise sleep over any other activity to ensure adequate recovery.

Make a new schedule to prioritise rest: The changes brought by the pregnancy may not align with the previous schedule. So realign your schedule by cutting down the hours at work to accommodate naps, food and sleep.

Well-balanced diet: Pregnancy dissipates so much energy in women that they need refeeds to power up again. Ensure a well-balanced diet that perfectly combines all the essential nutrients suggested by the gynaecologist.

If you have already adhered red to the above guidelines but are still feeling tired then many fixes could solve this exhaustion. Dr Neelima Mantri is the leading gynaecologist in Mumbai who can help you improve your rest, recovery, and energy while reducing your fatigue and exhaustion. You can contact her here: https://www.drneelimamantri.com/