Diarrhea During Pregnancy Symptoms and Treatment

Diarrhea During Pregnancy Symptoms and Treatment
0 9 June 2021
Diarrhea During Pregnancy Symptoms and Treatment

Diarrhea is nothing good to write home about, no matter when you are visited by this nasty condition. Diarrhea can strike anytime but managing it can be even tougher especially during pregnancy.

However if it’s any consolation, Diarrhoea is common among pregnant women and most women have successfully combatted the condition. At our clinic in Mumbai, gynaecologist Dr Neelima Mantri has successfully treated hundreds of diarrhea in pregnancy cases and all we can say is with the right guidance and treatment diarrhea is easy to manage and come out of it unscathed.

If you are pregnant and are still wary about Diarrhea, the first thing you can do is to improve your awareness about the condition – know the causes, remedies and treatment options beforehand. And this blog will help you know them, read on:

Diarrhea & Its Symptoms:

First things first, if you happen to experience 4 or more loose bowel movements in a day, it can be considered as a case of Diarrhea. Most common symptoms are obviously loose and watery stools, nausea, feeling bloated or gassy, cramping and sometimes fever.

Causes of Diarrhea in Pregnancy: 

Given you are already carrying your child in your belly, as they grow the space inside is limited and the intestine, oesophagus and stomach have to make do with limited space which may impact the function increases the risk of gastrointestinal issues. Add this to the hormonal changes, diet sensitivities, prenatal vitamins, and the risk of diarrhea increases gradually.

The occurrence of Diarrhea is much more common as a pregnant woman approaches her due date, as the body gradually prepares itself or labour. The third trimester is when most women are likely to get visited by diarrhea, according to a leading lady gynaecologist in Mumbai, Dr Neelima Mantri.

However, Diarrhea in early pregnancy is also quite common as the body goes through many changes – hormonal and anatomical and even dietary. That said, apart from pregnancy changes, viral infections, irritable bowel syndromes, and food poisoning are also some of the causes of Diarrhea.

Remedies and Treatment for Diarrhea in Pregnancy

As said, you need not worry. Diarrhea in pregnancy as in most cases clears put without the need for additional medications. In case you are unable to reach your physician for consultation, we recommend you to give it some time and stay hydrated while avoiding problematic foods like fried and spicy foods, high0fiber, high fat and dairy products. However, in few cases, new medications may also result in Diarrhea, in such cases you need to consult your physician or gynaecologist to seek advice.

In case of diarrhoea has not subsided for more than 2 days, you may be at risk of severe dehydration which can cause pregnancy complications. So we recommend you consult an expert gynaecologist in Mumbai at the first instance of diarrhea to ward off these risks. If you live in Mumbai and are looking for a lady gynaecologist in Mumbai, you can contact Dr Neelima Mantri here Call: +9170451 15577