How to Deal with Depression & Stress During Infertility?

How to Deal with Depression & Stress During Infertility?
0 21 June 2018

While stress and depression, which are part of our lives can be overcome at some or other point, women suffering from infertility stress can find it hard to overcome until they give birth to a baby. Depression and stress are the two factors that can take a toll on women undergoing infertility treatment, especially in cases where there have been multiple miscarriages. Although we cannot change the circumstances that lead to depression and stress, there are ways by which women are able to deal with them. Here are some ways by which you can deal with depression & stress during infertility?

  1. There may be at times when you might feel discomfort when somebody asks you about getting pregnant and babies during a social interactive session. This is where you will need the support of your husband to overcome the situation which can make you feel distressed. Your husband can approach you with some simple gestures that will show that you are both equal partners.
  2. Practice dancing alone or with a group. This will help you to release stress and depression. Make it a daily habit dancing to your favorite items. This will keep your body and mind free.
  3. Pick up some hobby that will keep you engaged for a certain period of time. This will help your mind to be diverted to the new occupation and to overcome the moments of stress and depression. Choose a hobby that is interesting and not one of those which you will feel bored with.
  4. While accepting the fact that you are suffering from depression during infertility treatment, stay away from obligations that are not essential. Do not unnecessarily spend time dealing with commitments that can be avoided at that particular period of time.
  5. Take up any of the mind and body techniques like yoga. Meditation and yoga postures can help your body and mind to be harmonized. This can really be useful to deal with depression and stress, especially when the level of stress is intolerable.
  6. Find out means by which you can devote yourself to volunteering. Engage in social activities that help you to devote energy, passion and time. This will make your mind to be diverted.
  7. Confide to a trusted friend and tell about the trauma you may be undergoing due to stress and depression during infertility treatment. You may also join a group discussion where women undergoing infertility treatment interact among themselves. This will help you not to feel alone.
  8. Adopt a pet that would help you spend most of your time diverted from the feelings of depression and stress. Taking care of a furry friend can really help you to find great relief.
  9. Make a habit to eat foods that help to soothe the body and mind. Avoid taking comfort foods that can be harmful during the time when you are fighting to overcome stress and depression when undergoing infertility treatment.

There are other ways by which you can deal with depression & stress during infertility, but take to the ways that you find compatible.