Cervical Mucus Hostility and Pregnancy Causes Treatment

Cervical Mucus Hostility and Pregnancy Causes Treatment
0 9 September 2021
Cervical Mucus Hostility and Pregnancy Causes Treatment

Pregnancy is considered one of the most significant gifts of nature and the most vital essence of being a woman. During pregnancy, various parts of the body are involved and are required to be perfectly healthy. Therefore, the proper functioning of all the features is essential to ensure a smooth and successful pregnancy experience. The gynac in Mumbai states that a critical section in pregnancy refers to the cervical mucus.

What is cervical mucus?

Cervical mucus is a thick, dense, gel-like fluid that is produced by the cervix. The composition of this discharged fluid changes during every menstrual cycle due to multiple hormonal changes. The fluctuating hormones stimulate the cervix to produce cervical mucus. This mucus changes its texture and thickness as the woman has conceived an egg.

Why do women need cervical mucus to conceive an egg?

  • A woman can’t get pregnant without the presence of cervical mucus. This is because this fluid is necessary for the sperm to swim and strive to reach the egg and allow pregnancy.
  • The flow of cervical mucus is increased right before ovulation. Its consistency is like egg whites. The flow is increased since ovulation is the time when the chance of getting pregnant is the most.

What is cervical mucus hostility, and how is it caused?

Cervical mucus is supposed to help the sperms to be able to move freely and smoothly. If this fluid starts attacking the sperms and killing them before they reach the egg, the condition is called cervical mucus hostility.

Various reasons can cause such a condition that does not allow the female to conceive and get pregnant. The following reasons for this condition that the Mumbai gynaecologists refer are mentioned below:

  1. Dry mucus– This is due to the imbalanced hormones during menstruation. It can also happen due to some medical side effects.
  2. Inflammatory cells– These kinds of cells develop as a reaction to multiple infections.
  3. Acidic mucus– The various hormonal changes can result in an unbalanced PH value. This also happens due to yeast or bacterial infections.

How can such a condition be treated?

As suggested by the top 10 gynaecologists in Mumbai, the treatment of this condition involves a medicinal approach and a surgical one.

  • There are various medications for antifungals or antibiotics that can be helpful to restore a perfect and balanced cervical mucus.
  • A fertility-friendly lube is used when there are no anti-sperm antibodies or any other infections.
  • Apart from the medical treatment, there is a surgical option known as intrauterine insemination. Here, the cervix is bypassed, and this condition is treated efficiently.

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