Antenatal Care – Why It is Essential

Antenatal Care – Why It is Essential
0 25 December 2017

Antenatal Care During Pregnancy is the clinical assessment of mother and fetus. It is advisable to have 12-16 doctor visits for the assessment of pregnant women before and during pregnancy. The main purpose of antenatal care is to supervise the maternal and fatal well-being during pregnancy. It also identifies and treats conditions that may harm the health of the new-born and mother; prepares for the labor and also high quality life after birth. It is better to start antenatal care as early as possible. An expectant mother should go for check-ups once in a month until 28 weeks, twice a month until 36 weeks and every week in last 4 weeks.

Some of the main objectives of antenatal-care are:

  • Screen the conditions such as anemia, infections from sexual contacts etc.
  • Ensure delivery of a full term healthy baby.
  • Provide an appropriate treatment for the predictable problems during or after pregnancy.
  • Teach the mother about child care, nutrition, sanitation and hygiene.
  • Give guidance to the mother on breast feeding and post-natal care.

Antenatal care is very beneficial and it mainly falls under four categories.

Accurate nutritional diet: Maintaining nutritional diet is very critical for the well-being of mother and the unborn baby. Nutrition counselling improves the nutritional level of women during pregnancy. It is essential to adapt some changes in food in order to meet the needs of the fetus. There is a myth that pregnancy is eating for two, but eating good dietary food. In fact, a fetus needs 300 calories a day to survive. To know more about healthy diet and precautions, consult a specialist.

Keep track of everything: Pregnant women who do not get antenatal care are five times more likely to have complications during the birth, that may include low birth weight and death of an undeveloped fetus. We don’t mean to scare you, but trying to convey the importance of antenatal care. Ultrasounds teaches you the baby’s growth strategically timed. If you are in and around Mumbai and checking for a specialist to take care of you two, take an appointment with Dr Neelima Mantri, top Gynecologist in Mumbai.

Specific treatment for existing or pre-existing conditions: Screening the health conditions is one of the Benefits of Antenatal Care. As immune system changes and reduced during pregnancy, it increases the risk of infections. Through antenatal screening, many infections can be detected and treated in the right time to have a perfect baby.

Attend classes: Besides care from the mid-wife or Gynecologist, attending antenatal classes is very beneficial – whether a natural birth, a second baby or a C-Section. The classes are designed to help you navigate pregnancy and get answers to many questions. It will give you and your partner an opportunity to ask questions which you forgot during the check-ups. Experts say between 22 and 26 weeks is the best time to join the classes. They also cover common issues like breastfeeding, sleep, and postnatal depression and the main objective is to help parents feel calmer, happier.

Antenatal care is a pillar for a healthy labor and it should not be considered as a single visit, but as a continue care throughout a woman’s reproductive life.