5 Facts Every Couple Should Know About Miscarriages

5 Facts Every Couple Should Know About Miscarriages
0 20 November 2019
5 Facts Every Couple Should Know About Miscarriages

Nothing is more tragic than the loss of pregnancy for women. It is an abrupt end to the memorable journey which shatters the parental dreams of the couple. Miscarriage is the most common type of pregnancy loss that is experienced by women around the world.

And due to various myths and misconceptions that surround the miscarriage, women particularly are blamed for the accidental loss. In addition to the anxiety and grief experienced by the women, the baseless blame put on them can further affect the maternal health and could impact the further pregnancy chances.

Having treated with hundreds of miscarriage cases, we believe that the whole situation could be drastically improved by simply making everyone aware of the basic facts about the miscarriage of its effects.

So here are 5 facts about miscarriages that we want every couple to know:


Miscarriage is not rare, they are very common today: 

Yes, miscarriage was a very rare occurrence a few decades back. But we will have to inform you that they have become very common, especially in urban India. Having been providing the best treatment for miscarriages in Mumbai for years now, we estimate that almost 35% of the pregnancies end in miscarriages. The percentage of pregnancy loss could be even higher if other causes of pregnancy loss are also taken into account.

Miscarriage is not caused by prior birth control practices:

It was quite surprising for us at our treatment facility to know that most couples believe that birth control pills cause miscarriages.

No, birth control pills do not affect the development of the embryo and are no way responsible for the miscarriage.

A miscarriage is not a woman’s fault:

Almost 60% of miscarriages are caused due to chromosomal problems which can arise due to poor quality sperm. It is also quite common in our treatment for recurrent miscarriages to test men especially when they are not routinely tested.

For years now, women have been bearing the brunt of miscarriage. But according to modern research, men are equally if not are more responsible for miscarriage, especially in the recurrent ones.

Miscarriage doesn’t mean infertility:

Whether the cause of miscarriage is a man or woman, the miscarriage doesn’t mean they are infertile. Of course, a miscarriage may be a sign of few reproductive problems which are treatable, nut miscarriage doesn’t mean infertility. Many couples have conceived within a month of their miscarriage after getting a comprehensive miscarriage treatment at our facility.

Having one miscarriage will not necessarily mean you will have another:

It is quite common for a couple to fear a miscarriage after already experiencing one. And as said, it is only the fear of not a fact.

“A prior miscarriage doesn’t increase the chances of miscarriage. In fact with prompt care and treatment the risk of miscarriage can be drastically reduced to help a woman lead a healthy pregnancy”, says Dr. Neelima Mantri, the Best Doctor for miscarriage treatment in Mumbai.

But if you have already suffered more than two or three miscarriages in a row, the underlying cause of your miscarriage may be a serious one, which needs the right treatment. If you are in Mumbai and are looking for the right treatment for miscarriage, you can contact Dr. Neelima Mantri here.