13 Natural Remedies for Pregnancy Back Pain

13 Natural Remedies for Pregnancy Back Pain
0 10 August 2017
13 Natural Remedies for Pregnancy Back Pain

Back ache is one of the common symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy. The naturally grown weight and change in the posture, as the bump grows bigger, causes back pain in the pregnancy women. Most pregnancy women likely to feel pain in the lower back and uneasiness in the upper back, shoulders and the ribcage.

Refer the best female gynecologist in Mumbai for the further assistance in the pregnancy difficulties. Expected moms have to deal with complaints from sickness to swollen feet. But they can be easily relieved with a very few changes in our routine.

Posture – Focus on posture and how you move about – stand straight and tall. Try not to cross your legs while sitting on a chair. Get up and move around for every subsequent timing to get fresh air.

Exercise – Like it is mentioned in the previous blog, gentle workouts will help you in many hitches. Walking and stretching on regular periods relieves you from back pain.

Acupuncture – A traditional Chinese medicine stimulates body points and relives low-back pain.

Aromatherapy – A warm, relaxing bath with a few drops of essential oils (which suits you) eases the pain of back ache.

Stretching – Stretching out the whole body is a quick yet effective remedy for the back pain.

Heat – Another natural medication is to apply mild heat on the pain. Hot water bag is the most common equipment used.

Massage – A prenatal massage can be absolutely necessary. But the massage should be undertaken by a professional. Such a sweet relief!

Sleep Easy – Lie down on your left side to reduce the strain on the back. Sleeping with pillows behind, between the legs, below the knees also helps you.

Epsom Salt – Relax in the bathtub with a handful of Epsom salt works through the skin and sore muscles.

Intake of Calcium – Increase the consumption of Calcium in your diet, which makes the bones stronger and prevents from back ache.

Mind your Footwear – Say no to high heels, wear something comforts you. There is a high risk of falling which could be dangerous to you and the unborn.

Remedies From Our Kitchen –

Potato – This tip is not just for pregnant ladies, wrap some grated raw potatoes in a thin cloth and keep it on the area for at least an hour.

Cabbage – Form a paste of cabbage leaves with boiling milk and apply it on the affected part.

Citrus – An intake of lemon juice every day is one of the best home remedies for back ache.

Oats – Place hot mashed oats on the lower back to alleviate the pain.

Herbal Remedies-

Chamomile Tea – Add chamomile flowers to a cup of boiling water and steep it for some time. Sip the tea at least 1-3 cups daily.

Basil Leaves – Since ages, basil leaves have been a miracle solution for most health complications. Prepare basil leaves decoction and add salt, for quick respite take 2-3 cups a day.

Back pain, cramps and leg swelling are very common discomforts for moms-to-be. For a few lucky women, sail through the pregnancy without any complaints.