10 Vital Health Tips for Pregnancy

10 Vital Health Tips for Pregnancy
0 31 August 2017
10 Vital Health Tips for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is filled with mixed intense feelings of excitement, fear, love and doubt. It is not necessary to have sciencey skills to study the changes in your body, all to do is to strictly follow some health tips for the healthy labor.

There is lot more information in the internet on the guidelines for pregnancy, but here we take the first ten vital health tips.

Start Your Day Off Right – Obvious, but most important point for everyone. A health and a.m. meal sets the energy and satisfy your appetite for the unborn’s proper growth and development. An ideal breakfast should not include cereals, fruit juices, white bread. Best foods for pregnant ladies anytime is eggs, museli and a serve of veggies.

Sleep Like A Baby – According to National Sleep Foundation, pregnant women need to relax more than in usual time. Pregnancy complicates the sleep cycle by nausea, heartburn, leg cramps and snoring. So, it is important to learn relaxing by sticking to a schedule, taking small naps, not to work in late during later stages.  Sleeping on your left – Another key point to be noted by everyone, train yourself to sleep on your left side as it helps to flow the nutrients to the fatal.

Soak Up Some Sunshine – Even though some studies show that the pregnant women should avoid hot sun, sufficient Vitamin D will radically cut the complications of pregnancy.

Workout – Yes! Do exercise throughout your pregnancy for at least 30 minutes in a day. Brisk walk, stationary cycling, low-impact aerobics are some of the safe workouts can be done, while yoga and swimming are dangerous. Exercising also lifts your spirits, prepares your body for the labour and also helps in postpartum recovery. Get up and move your body, but with extra cautions.

Intake of Omega-3 fats – Research confirmed that the adequate amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids has an effect on the cognitive growth of the unborn baby. Fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines are the best foods for pregnant ladies. Or fish oil supplements can also be purchased from the stores, though with the doctor’s consultation.

Catching Infections – The immune system becomes weak during pregnancy, thus chances of getting infected is high. Take the best foods which boosts the system.

Not To Do While Pregnancy –

No To Soy Products – Though some doctors say it is perfectly fine to consume soy while pregnancy, though it is always debatable. They contain hormones called phytoestrogens that impacts the development of baby’s brain and immune system.

Excess Caffeine – A strict no to the excess coffee, limited amount is advisable. The higher incidence of miscarriages and low birth weight due to excessive caffeine consumption have been recorded in the medical science.

Don’t Wear Stilettos – Wearing high heels (even wide one’s) is not advisable because it makes you to wake in difficulty and unsteady. A fall could hurt you and your baby very badly.

No Passive Smoking – Second-hand smoking is as bad as active smoking, there are 4000 chemicals which may lead to cancer.

Happy pregnancy!

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