What’s LEEP? How Is It Performed?

What’s LEEP? How Is It Performed?
0 17 August 2021
What’s LEEP? How Is It Performed?

LEEP is a Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure that is suggested by the gynaecologist to screen the incidence of abnormal cancer in women. It can be performed to either confirm the cancer diagnosis or to treat the precancerous condition of the woman’s cervix.  In today’s blog, we help you understand LEEP in a better way and then guide you towards the best gynaecologist in Mumbai for LEEP in Mumbai. Read on:

Why is LEEP performed?

The tissue in the cervix has to be examined to diagnose cancer and LEEP with its special loop like wire helps accomplish this diagnosis procedure.

In this procedure, a thin wire-like look is inserted into the cervix and a healthy electric current is then passed through the loop to cut the cervix tissue. The procedure only takes 10 minutes and is performed by a gynaecologist at the healthcare facility.

How is LEEP performed?

The patient who lies on her back is placed on stirrups for the procedure. A gynaecologist in Mumbai performing the LEEP will then insert a speculum into the vagina while local anaesthesia is administered to fend off the pain. A loop is then inserted into the cervix of the patient to perform LEEP. After the procedure, the tissue removed is sent to the lab for further diagnosis. A special paste is applied to the cervix by the gynaecologist to stop the possible bleeding.

What should a patient expect after LEEP?

After LEEP in Mumbai, the patient may suffer mild cramping, water discharge (pink/dark brown). The cervix tends to heal in few weeks and while it does, the patient is recommended to keep the vagina free from any tampons and also abstain from sex. Your gynaecologist can help you know the right time to engage in regular activities. Heavy bleeding, abdominal pain and bleeding with clots do not happen in the majority of women and if they do, the patient is recommended to consult a gynaecologist at the earliest.

Guidelines for women after LEEP:

The patient is requested to have regular follow-ups with the gynaecologist to check whether the abnormal cancers cells are obliterated. In case the cells are still found to linger, more treatment is prescribed by the gynaecologist for complete removal. To improve the chances of healing patients are requested to have regular pelvic exams and adopt healthy lifestyle changes.

Does LEEP constitute any risks for women?

Since the tissue is cut from the cervix using an electric current, bleeding is the risk that is most common. As said the gynaecologist uses a special paste to arrest the bleeding and since there runs a risk if the patient is recommended to follow-up with a gynaecologist at regular intervals.

Pregnancy problem in the patient is another uncommon risk LEEP is considered to pose. Though the risk is low, there is this gradual increase in the risk of low birth weight or premature birth. In few cases, the cervix may be narrowed resulting in menstrual problems which also is very rare.

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