What is a Sacral Colpopexy?

What is a Sacral Colpopexy?
0 17 August 2021
What is a Sacral Colpopexy?

There needs to be surgery done when the pelvic organ prolapses in a woman. The surgery that is performed to make this correct is called Sacral colpopexy. It also has different names such as sacrocolpopexy or sacrospinous colpopexy. The pelvic organs prolapse when they become weaker. This happens mostly after pregnancy and menopause.

You must get this surgery done if you are dealing with issues regarding your pelvic organs as they can form bulges in your vagina. This surgery has also been proven to have some great after-effects like their sexual functions and intimate life. They also enhance their bowel movements and decrease vaginal discharges.

This issue only occurs in females which is why having a female gynaecologist to walk you through this process is better.

Some of the main reasons for the pelvic organ to prolapse are the following:

  • > Childbirth- This is one of the main reasons for pelvic organ prolapse. Vaginal birth is more prone to cause such an issue than cesarean delivery.
  • > Aging and menopause
  • > Other surgeries like Hysterectomy
  • > Intense physical activities and lifting of heavy objects
  • > Excessive increase in the abdominal pressure
  • > Hereditary factors

This is an effective but sensitive surgery that needs proper care after the process is completed. There are some best gynaecologists in India that have proven to be extremely safe and efficient. Certain measures that should be taken to avoid any infections or discomfort after the surgery are mentioned below:

  • > For the initial days after the surgery, it is recommended to take your laxatives for a smooth and uniform bowel movement. This is necessary for your fast recovery.
  • > Maintain proper hygiene to avoid any infection or irritation. Have regular baths and clean thoroughly where the surgery has been performed. Make sure you do not spend a lot of time in the shower. Be quick and do not extend it for more than 10 minutes.
  • > If you are on your periods, make sure you use pads and not tampons or cups because the area is still recovering from the surgery.
  • > For 6 weeks after the surgery, do not perform any sexual intercourse as your vagina needs some time to fully heal.

This surgery is always effective and does not have any fatal qualities to it. It is extremely safe and done by many. Although sometimes if the surgery is not performed through proper steps, some complications may occur. The following complications that may happen are:

  • > Infections
  • > Disturbed bowel movements and constipation
  • > Issues in the bladder
  • > Painful sexual intercourse
  • > Damage to other organs like legs, pelvis, and buttocks.

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