What Causes Round Ligament Pain During Pregnancy?

What Causes Round Ligament Pain During Pregnancy?
0 21 June 2022
What Causes Round Ligament Pain During Pregnancy?

Round ligament pain is sharp or cramping-like pain that is experienced most likely during her second trimester. The pain can jab on one side or both side of the abdomen and usually springs up when you (pregnant women) sneeze, laughs or changes sleeping positions.

Round ligament pain is not harmful to the health of you are your baby. It is considered normal in pregnancy and is often experienced by 30% of women worldwide. However since its symptoms coincide with other health problems during pregnancy, pregnant women can ignore them assuming round ligament pain.

So it is important to know about round ligaments beforehand to better avoid stress beforehand. So with the input of one of the top 10 gynaecologists in Mumbai, Dr Neelima Mantri we give you a brief introduction to round ligament pain in this blog here by answering a few frequently asked questions. Read on.

What Causes Round Ligament Pain?

The human pelvis consists of two specific ligaments that are located around the uterus. These ligaments stretch out and thicken to accommodate and support this growing uterus during pregnancy. This sudden change may once in a while prod mild spasms that are harmless. However, when the body is acutely stressed while changing sleeping position, coughing or sneezing, these ligaments can get hurt, causing a sharp jabbing-like pain – the round ligament pain.

When Does Round Ligament Pain Start?

Round ligament pain in most cases starts around the second trimester of the pregnancy (weeks 13-28). But one cannot rule out its incidence in early or later part of pregnancy too

How Long Does Round Ligament Pain Last?

“Round ligament pain is temporary and intermittent that goes away on its own. However, it can be difficult to measure how long it can last. It can go away in seconds, linger for a few minutes, or hours” says top lady gynaecologist in Mumbai Dr Neelima Mantri.

How is Round Ligament Pain Different from Abdominal Pain?

As discussed at the start of the blog, the pain associated with round ligament pain is also identical to abdominal pain which is the precursor of serious pregnancy conditions like placental abruption, severe preeclampsia, preterm labour or even appendicitis. While round ligament pain goes away quickly the pain associated with the above condition may continue to linger. One should consult a gynaecologist or obstetrician in Mumbai as soon as possible if the following symptoms show up:

  1. Severe cramping or pain.
  2. Contractions (more than 4 in an hour)
  3. Pressure on the pelvic area.
  4. Persistent lower back pain

Relief for round ligament pain during pregnancy:

If you ever experience round ligament pain, stop whatever you are doing, sit back and rest in a comfortable position”, says a lady gynaecologist in Mumbai, Dr Neelima Mantri. In addition to this, she suggests proper body mechanics (posture & avoiding unnatural movements), light massage, application of warmth on the site of pain and maternity support garments for round ligament pain relief during pregnancy. For more information, you can contact her here.