Vaginismus Types Causes and Symptoms

Vaginismus Types Causes and Symptoms
0 22 March 2022
Vaginismus Types Causes and Symptoms

In the case of some women, the vagina subconsciously or persistently contracts when engaging in vaginal penetration. Such contractions make coitus extremely difficult and very painful in some cases. Vaginismus doesn’t affect or interfere with a woman’s sexual arousal, it only hiders the process of vaginal penetration. Such disorders affect your mental and physical health and could also affect your relationships, it’s best to consult a gynecologist.

Types of vaginismus:

There are two classifications of vaginismus, known as primary vaginismus and secondary vaginismus.

  • > Primary vaginismus: this refers to such a condition where vaginal penetration has never been achieved.
  • > Secondary vaginismus: referring to such a condition where vaginal penetration was achieved in the past but is no longer viable because of pain or other reasons.

In the case of women who are over their menopause, vaginismus can be seen very often as a lack of vaginal lubrication causes pain and duress when subjected to vaginal intercourse. In cases of extreme pain, it is advised to consult with a gynecologist and obstetrician

Causes of vaginismus

There are no set causes for vaginismus to occur, the condition is often linked to reasons such as:

  • > A history of trauma and sexual abuse in the patient
  • > Painful acts of intercourse in the past
  • > Emotional damage and rooted trauma

It is fairly common for some cases of vaginismus to have no clear reasons. For the doctor to make a diagnosis you will need to undergo some basic tests and will have to share the details of past sexual encounters and medical history.

Symptoms of vaginismus:

Involuntary contraction of the vaginal tissue is the primary cause of vaginismus in females around the globe. The severity of the condition would differ from patient to patient. Moreover, the contraction of the vagina in all such cases makes intercourse extremely painful and stressful. Vaginismus cannot be voluntarily solved by the patient; the patient loses control over the contraction ability of their vaginas which leads to the condition.

Females diagnosed with vaginismus often complain about a stinging pain or a burning sensation when any object is inserted into the vagina. Other reasons such as mental fear of vaginal intercourse or decreased libido related to penetration are also the underlying conditions that lead to the condition developing in women.

It’s not necessary for women with vaginismus to not engage in sexual activities. Sexual pleasure can still be achieved and craved for while having vaginismus. Oral sex, masturbation, and massages are the ways through which orgasms can be achieved without engaging in vaginal penetration.

Final Overview

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